Still Here

I had a whole something ready to type out, and it was going to be a really great follow-up to my post about being happy, and it was probably also going to be my thoughts on the How I Met Your Mother finale (because the internet *really* needs more opinion posts on that episode, am I right?).

However, life’s continuing to do its “lifey” thing, and I’m in the middle of several projects. I have a presentation this Sunday at the university, discussing medical school applications. I’m following that up with a quick trip to San Francisco for another presentation at the Asian Pacific Americans in Higher Education conference, which will cover mixed-race/multiracial identity development and the power of story-telling. And somewhere in there, I have to manage to move all my stuff out of one house, and shove it all into another house just a few miles away.

I am also…

…I clicked away from my update page and forgot what I was going to say.

I promise I’ll have a great reflective piece on this year’s CrossFit Games Open. (As soon as I tally up the Fantasy Open scores and report back to the winners.) I don’t currently have any great “single in the city” stories, so sorry on that front. I’ve been too obsessed (for lack of better words) with my technique and progress in CrossFit, as well as just generally enjoying my time back here in Seattle. Budgets are boring, so you don’t want to hear about that, but I’m thinking of traveling to the UK for a few days immediately after Christmas so I can celebrate New Year’s Eve with some good friends in Edinburgh.

Basically, life is happening, and April is shaping up to be super-duper busy, and I’ll try to be better at updating and just writing in general, although that probably won’t happen until my conferences and the move are all over.

Until then, keep being mindful, stay curious, and don’t second-guess yourself. (Pro tip: these are also words of advice for myself.)

A Smidge of an Update

I’ve been busy, y’all. Last week, I took some days off CrossFit, made a really good meatloaf, saw the Postal Service*, and spent quality time with friends. Since returning to the gym last Thursday, I’ve made it my goal to practice double-unders and handstands as close to every day as possible, with my hated wall balls and pull-ups thrown in there, too. So far, I’ve seen progress in nearly all my skills, although wall balls are still so cruel for someone only 5’1″.

This weekend, I’ll have my best friend’s baby shower to look forward to. I love her and this group of friends dearly. That said, I am not playing baby poop guessing games. I will escort myself to the bathroom if those occur, and I will enjoy my mason jar of cocktail that I inevitably bring. (Judge me, I dare you to.)

In other news, I’m still focused on these October trips and beyond. We’ve hit $200+ on GoFundMe, so I’m trying to craft some kind of wonky fun video update bribe to get us to $475. Note that I’ve been saying “we” and “us” throughout this project–now that y’all (as in “the crowd”) are involved, this project has multiple stakeholders! So, join in on the journey.

I must be off, now. Lives to change, don’t you know.


* OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 I ❤ YOU, BEN GIBBARD!!!!!!!!