What Do You Think You’re Looking At?

This is my fifth year on the quarter system, and let me tell you, winter term is the most difficult every year. During my undergraduate career, it was always because basketball season was in full swing– I had games two or three times a week. I remember one particularly hellish week in which we had five games; I think it worked out to two double-headers and a single game. Plus, on top of that, I worked my last two years, which meant that right before winter quarter, I was knee-deep in retail terror. Couple that with Honors courses or writing intensive courses and you had a busy little ‘Dith.

Nowadays, I’m working, reading for graduate classes, and trying to figure out what the crap is going on in my personal life. Factor in working out, eating better, and a lot of upcoming events to plan, and you have another stressed-out ‘Dith.

So look, if I’m cranky or having a meltdown, it’s just normal winter quarter blues. Feed me some candy, give me a hug, and tell me we’ll go do something fun soon.

In the meantime, carry on.


Dec. 2nd

Prompt: Writing. What do you do each day that doesn’t contribute to your writing — and can you eliminate it?

I procrastinate with mindless humor to put off doing work of substance outside of my academic work. I scour YouTube and The Hype Machine, all while Facebook is open in the background. I spend a lot of time texting, as well, carrying on conversations over extended periods of time that often are not that imperative. In the last week, though, I have been doing a lot of brooding and feeling sorry for myself. I have a lot of undirected anger, too, and I’m trying to figure out the answers; both of those elements could be remedied, up to a point, with more writing. I’m sure of that. But unfortunately, it is a low priority right now. Things I should do more of include dancing, working out, and writing– why can’t I do that right now?

I suppose making a commitment to write every day in this blog and try at least writing something in my poetic/writing journal every night would be a good way to get back into the swing of things. I should also be reading more. After all, one cannot become a great writer without studying great writers.

A Tale of Several Cities

Moving sucks. The psychological stress that comes with moving is not something I like to deal with. With that said, I have not been doing a good job of working on the logistics of my upcoming move to Oregon. I need to get a U-Haul truck and get heavy boxes in and out of the truck. I also need to either suck it up and learn to drive the stupid moving truck, or bribe someone to do it for me. And on top of that, I still don’t know how I’m getting my car down there.

But– as much as all of those details are awful, the reason I move is because my life is also moving. Think about it. Moving illustrates that my life is not that static, and I can point at it and go, “Hey! Things happened then! That’s why I had to leave [city] for [new city].” In honor of my upcoming move, here’s a small recap of all the moving I’ve done since leaving my hometown (in which I lived for 15 out of 18 years).

Bellingham, WA –  Why the move? I went to college. I left East Wenatchee for good ol’ B’ham. And B’ham gave me new perspectives on the world around me, brought wonderful people into my life, and it also got me a college degree. I became a bit more conscious of my own health and the environment around me, too.

Everett, WA –  Why the move? I got my first full-time “big girl” job. Everett taught me all about my weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

Seattle, WA – Why? I ended my lease in Everett and realized I need-need-needed the city. After moving to Seattle, I was able to see in hindsight what I need to stay happy: friends, culture, and activities. Moving to Seattle was the best decision for me. My well-being was 1000x better in Seattle than it was in Everett.

Madrid, Spain – Why the move, you big ol’ crazy? I wanted to travel and I got a one-month volunteer gig. If I hadn’t moved to Seattle, I don’t think I ever would have gone to a city as big as Madrid. I knew what I needed to do to stay sane in the city– and I reached out, made new friends, and went out and explored. Although it was a short-term relocation, my time in Madrid taught me about my strength.

Corvallis, OR (coming soon!) – Why? I’m going to grad school. People I talk to seem to be concerned about my adjustment to small-town life. Fear not, I grew up in the Wenatchee Valley and know what it’s like to be in a smaller city. I’m a bit anxious about that aspect, but from what I can tell, Corvallis will still provide me with friends, culture, and things to do.

So, in conclusion: here’s to the future… soon. In the meantime, I am going to savor my last few weeks in Seattle– this city is downright amazing, although I have a feeling that there are many places that will feel like that to me.

Adventures, ahoy!

Adventures in Domesticity

“Adventures in Domesticity.” It has a nice ring to it. I think I’ll use this phrase in place of “unemployment” or “not working this summer because I just don’t want to.”

I also suppose writing a blog post while dinner cooks in the oven isn’t too terrible. Tonight, I’m trying oven-baked chicken with quinoa and probably a salad on the side. We’ll see how this goes.

I returned to Seattle last night after a sunny weekend in Wenatchee. Friday night, I was able to sneak away from the house long enough to go to Applebee’s happy hour with T. Applebee’s HH might be the best thing in Wenatchee after 9PM. We had some sangria (but it paled in comparison to the sangria in Madrid…), buffalo wings, and desserts– a fairly standard showing for two girls who needed a wind-down to the day.

On Saturday, I woke up somewhat early and got myself ready, simply so I could turn on ABC and watch the England vs. USA football (soccer) match. I always forget how much I love watching soccer until I tune into a game. Someone make note that I really need to make it out to a Sounders game in the near future.

After the match, it was time for quality hang-outs with T and Fiction & Sanity. We helped T organize and clean, which doesn’t sound fun at first, but with those ladies, pretty much anything is fun.

F&S and I got to T’s house, stared at the project ahead of us, tried on our bridesmaid shoes for T’s wedding, then decided there were errands that needed to be done before cleaning. I got myself a Blimpie sandwich (oh, heavens, I forgot how good those are), then we ran to Costco for storage boxes and frozen yogurt. After warding off the hangriness (hunger + angriness), we set about sorting through T’s wardrobe. That part of the project took the longest, but in the end, I came away with some new-to-me shoes and a dress.

That evening, we took our standard trip to Casa Tapatia, which is hands-down my favorite Mexican restaurant ever. After gorging ourselves on warm chips, cabbage salsa, and giant entrees, we drove out to Crescent Bar for a night of relaxation. F&S’s parents have a place out there, and we spent several hours hot-tubbing and watching movies– normal, girly things. The weather was phenomenal the entire day, so of course, it was beautiful out while we were hot-tubbing.

Note: It is next to impossible to create a “whirlpool” in an half-circle shaped hot-tub. Word to the wise. You will also fall a lot.

Sunday was definitely funday. Back in Wenatchee, there was a BBQ in honor of The Winner of Games’s recent college graduation (read: the day before). There was sunshine, lots of food, and bocce ball. Always a good time.

Now, here I am. I cleaned the apartment– to an extent– shopped for groceries, picked up cupcakes at Cupcake Royale, and am waiting for my dinner to cook.

In a way, I think that having to fill my time with chores, writing, reading, walking, and other activities will be a good sort of therapy for me this summer. Of course, I feel like a bum, but again, I need some time to just chill and have fun. I have to keep telling myself that; otherwise, I’ll probably try to pick up a full-time job that I loathe. And also, it will be a good opportunity to spend quality time with my friends (like this past weekend) and family (like the past week).

I’m okay with my biggest stresser of the day being whether or not the chicken tastes good.