I don’t have “one word” for 2017. I don’t have a theme. I don’t have transformative resolutions, or a “New year, new me” mantra. I am perfectly fine with this.

It feels as if I’ve finally settled into who I am. I’m no longer “in crisis,” as I was several years ago. That is not to say I’m not still turbulent in some ways, and I am critical, wanting and demanding more from myself, and being forgiving where possible. At the same time, however, I feel more level-headed and clearer about what my priorities are.

I know where I could get better in my professional and in my personal life. I know where I want to grow. Instead of wishing, I’ll write it down and track my progress. I’ll use my voice to see things through.

I will not quit trying to improve my health. I probably will never be elite-level in CrossFit nor weightlifting, but that isn’t a reason to quit trying. However, even the best intentions for a super-fit 2017 won’t matter if I don’t focus on taking care of my shoulders and honing in on weightlifting technique. I could say, “I want to snatch the yellow plates,” as much as I want, but that won’t happen if I don’t make an active decision to focus on the details.

In a nutshell, setting intentions isn’t just for yoga, and I feel free enough now to set my intentions outside of arbitrary parameters.

So, I suppose in 2017, I will strive to push boundaries and live intentionally.

That seems just fine.



Hello. Hi. Hey.

Looks like it’s New Year’s Day. Excellent. I survived 2013, with all of its twists and turns. I changed jobs and cities, changed my body, changed my mind. I got my heart broken a bit, but I came back strong and am settling in and for the first time, I am embracing being single.

This was my first NYE spent single that I haven’t lamented over being alone romantically. It was fantastic. There were friends and laughs and a dive bar and burgers. There was a ridiculous outfit and my really big hair. There was almost missing the stroke of midnight because we were too busy enjoying our burgers while walking down the street. In a nutshell, it was the best way to end 2013.

Usually I reflect more, but I did a lot of reflecting as the year progressed; that’s apparent on this blog. A lot of things happened in 2013 that will affect 2014. This will hopefully be the year that I continue my forward momentum, taking to heart Emerson’s idea that life is an experiment. The new year is a good time to recommit to that growth, and I am excited for this year in ways I haven’t been before.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a bunch of unhealthy food to deal with before reigning my training (ha, that rhymes!) in this month.

The Return

Hello, fair Oregon. You might recognize me. You might think my face looks familiar. It should.

It’s 2012, and I am committing to becoming the best version of myself yet. Last year was the toughest in a long downhill series, although it was packed with many remarkable and amazing moments. I’m perfectly aware that I could shrug off the weight of the past year’s (or years’, really) events without the clock striking midnight on January 1st. However, I believe in stories, and the switch of the calendars to 2012 was the symbolic gesture I needed.

I rang in the new year with several friends in downtown Seattle. We laughed and took pictures and shared bottles of champagne throughout the night. I kept several other friends in my thoughts, sending periodic texts to remind them that I wished them a happy new year–my way of saying, “Wish you were here.” Again, as recent trips to the “big city” have proven, I felt complete and incredibly alive.

Is there a way to transfer that into my every day life, though? Is there a way to stand tall while I wait to find out where I’ll end up in June?

I have made no resolutions, just commitments to improve my personal well-being. I started working out again, diving into Booty Barre one day and walking around Green Lake the next. I’m being much more conscious of what and how much I’m eating, and I’m hoping to cook for myself even more. That particular goal has been one for the past four years or so, and I believe that I’ve made definite progress. To set the right tone, I volunteered to cook chicken adobo for my friends on New Year’s Eve. It was a solid testament to the fact that I can cook, and that it doesn’t have to be a burden. I’m creative enough, and I enjoy my food enough that cooking should be an adventure of sorts. (This coming week should really be a challenge, as I’m going meat-free and primarily doing it without recipes. I envision a lot of odd sandwiches and grilled vegetables and beans.)

Other aspects I’m hoping to work on: making job searching a routine, connecting with out-of-town friends more often, attending more sporting events, dancing more, reading just-for-fun even more, budgeting, and generally being awesome.

In other words, I’m going to evolve myself. I’m going to continue working on goals I’ve set in the past, and I’m going to work on not letting things slide.

With that… my theme for 2012: Unstoppable.


Just one word this time around, but one word that reflects the fact that I continually grow and learn. I have met great challenges, and I am still here. I will become better than I am now.

I will be unstoppable.