Shamrocks and Biscuits

I’m sick again today. Luckily, I noticed the signs early on. I was in my cube, typing up notes after my last advising appointment, and I could feel just the slightest tickle in the back of my throat. I was also salivating more than normal. I ate two clementines and mixed up some Emergen-C, and after my dinner meeting, hustled to Target and stocked up on vitamins and cold medicine. I’m definitely not 100% today, but I am not getting my world totally rocked like I did last month.

On that health and wellness downer, let me recap all the good things that happened in the last week!

I got my ego completely assassinated at CrossFit HEL multiple days in a row. Every WOD was a long workout. There were cargo net climbs and rowing and wall ball shots and a little voice in my head telling me, “Could you imagine how awful this would have been six months ago?” There was also the second CrossFit Games Open workout (a.k.a., “13.2”) on Friday. Yes, I scaled down for the WOD. And no, I still didn’t kill the numbers on it. My teammates and other CrossFit friends in Seattle and Vegas did, though! Good job, y’all! What I did do was get through all of it. (And again, I don’t have my training journal, so no exact numbers to share.)

Monday night at the box, I hit my first 80lb. power cleans. We did a 12-9-6-3 WOD with power cleans and ring dips. 80lbs. was prescribed, and I now have a weight that challenges me. I know my form wasn’t the best during that workout, but it also felt a lot better than several months ago when we did a similar workout with 65lb. cleans.

Backing up to the previous day, on St. Patrick’s Day, I ran my second-ever 5K, the Portland Shamrock Run. I hadn’t run a 5K since 2011, and I hadn’t even run more than 2 consecutive miles leading into the race. However, something compelled me to actually give the run my best (maybe it’s that CrossFit mentality!), and I completed the race in 32 minutes and 16 seconds. My average pace was 10 minutes and 23 seconds per mile, which is slower than I’d like. I know that I was stopped a few times for train crossings, but I don’t want to make excuses for myself. I was supposed to run the vernal equinox 5K with my team tonight, but with being sick, I think it’s looking like I may hit up the rowing machine to try and sweat out the virus. (Who knows–maybe I’ll make up the run this weekend…)

Regardless of the results, I started and finished and ran the whole 5K. It didn’t feel as terrible as the first 5K I ran, and my sprint to the finish line felt good. I’m hoping to get some more runs in to try and trim down my mile time; I need to get back down below 10 minutes if I want to even think about passing the Basic test at my gym in the future.


Another component of my health and fitness upgrades has been trying to eat more mindfully. Since the “nearly Paleo” challenge earlier this year, I’ve been more careful about how many carbohydrates I eat, as well as how much refined sugar finds it way to me (granted, I had a major post-run cheat day on Sunday).

Today, given that I’m home sick, I decided to put a little bit of energy into making a batch of biscuits. I found this recipe awhile back, and I’ve used several different modifications. With my egg intolerance, I’ve found that I can have limited amounts of eggs baked into goodies, but I do what I can to stay away from using eggs (and, in turn, I stay away from the tummy aches and hangover-feel I get from too much egg). I have made the recipe with bananas as well as eggs, and today, I used Greek yogurt as the egg substitute.


photo 2

I’m not a culinary genius, but at least I can get away with making delicious things that turn out edible. I cut out a tablespoon of maple syrup this time, and I usually cut the amount of egg or egg substitute by half to avoid the runny consistency the author mentions in the original recipe. I wouldn’t suggest using these for savory dishes, as the maple syrup and honey along with the coconut flour gives them a pretty sweet flavor. But, that said, they’re great little sides that can go along with your meat-and-veggies hash.

They also make good snacks for when one is blogging.

Anyway, time to hit up Nap City.


(Drop Dead) Beautiful

Spring quarter just began. I’m looking forward to it, primarily because I got that reset I needed. Thank you, NASPA and my week-long venture to Wenatchee.

Spring break itself was interesting. I was irresponsible throughout the NASPA conference and my following adventures in Portland (a.k.a., going to the Girl Talk concert on St. Patrick’s Day, which basically meant I danced my face off for about two hours straight); by pushing myself for over a week, I eventually got pretty sick. I had been fighting off a lingering virus since the beginning of March, and on the Saturday following St. Paddy’s, I woke up feeling like I’d been hit by a freight train.

On Sunday, I still managed to muster up enough energy to drive back to Wenatchee. How I made it in one piece boggles my mind; it rained the entire time–hard–once I got over the mountain pass and onto the east side. And of course, by that point, it had gotten dark out. Sick girl, lots of rain, bald tires, side winds, no light–that should have meant sure death. But I made it, and my mom proceeded to feed me juice and soup.

After days of minimal exertion, I finally started feeling better. Do you know how good that feels when you’ve been functioning with low-energy for weeks? I managed to start feeling well enough that I could go out for hours and stay out late without too many repercussions, and that led to quality time with quality people.

One of my favorite things in this world is having the chance to reconnect with individuals I haven’t seen for a long time. Luckily, with a bit of chance, I was able to do that over break. It’s fascinating to hear stories from people that have been MIA in my life–and I’m talking beyond hearing stories on Facebook and whatnot. Actually sitting down, hearing stories first-hand with all the details, and sharing laughs and intertwining lifelines is absolutely beautiful.

My nerdy side also really enjoys seeing how development theory displays itself in my own life and my friends’. There are so many dimensions to development–particularly in the college student realm–that it’s nice to be able to attach real-life examples to the words I read on textbook pages. We are much more complex nowadays than we were in high school, and we recognize that. I interpret meaning more deeply nowadays, too. As such, I daydream quite a bit about “Why would I be in this place at that time? What does it all mean?”

Maybe that’s why “We are the hero of our own story” (Mary McCarthy) keeps resonating with me. I have a lot to unfold in these next few chapters.

It’s a good thing I’m not a speed-reader.

Go ahead.

Making Things Happen

“99% of all illness is directly related to stress.”

1. Shut up, Lulu Lemon.
2. Yup.

I spent the weekend sick with some mild head cold. It wasn’t bad enough to keep me from having a fun weekend, but it did mean I took quite a few naps on Saturday. Do not fret, though, for I got most of my homework and reading done yesterday. Most excellent.

Now, I present to you a special treat: my first blog post on my grad program’s blog. Yee-haw!

In other news, I’m trying to set up a bake sale. I just made the cutest donations tin ever (okay, no, it’s not that great), and I swear if someone steals it I will hunt them down and take out any pent-up aggression I have on said thief.

Okay, Alright.

That’s me at the moment. Just okay. Just alright. I’ve got some personal things going on that I don’t really want to talk about here. Those of you that know, know, and you’ll probably have to hear about it for awhile. Let’s just leave it at there might be some stress on my part this summer, and I ask that you be understanding towards any sudden cancellations or disappearances.

In other news, I am still sick. There is a set of lymph nodes going crazy in my neck, and it feels like a flock of birds decided to make their nesting grounds in my sinuses. That’s a really strange analogy, but my sinuses feel very crowded. Maybe it’s payback for making fun of tourists, and there’s like a crowd of bacteria tourists and my sinuses are like historic ruins… I’m going to stop. Whatever I have is really screwing with my thought processes.

I spent all day in bed yesterday, and I am determined to make it to the local bookstore today to find some entertaining material. Not that I can justify spending money on books since I am currently unemployed. There’s just one that I’m after right now. Or two. Or three. Five six four three, yeah, right.

What else is going on? Not much. I’ve been doing some “research” on Hype Machine to try and learn more about the artists playing this year’s Capitol Hill Block Party. I’m hoping to go Saturday and Sunday, or at least just one of those days, after I get back from the Hofeldt wedding. We’ll see, though– I already had to sacrifice a few days of my California vacation because of what’s going on in life, so I can’t get my heart too set on the Block Party. But if it works out, that would be great; I live just blocks away from where the party is happening.

Also, I really want to go see Kooza, which is Cirque du Soleil’s touring show. They will be in Seattle until July 11th. Ooh, and it looks like they will also be opening in Vancouver, BC on July 22nd. So that means I have another window of opportunity if I miss the Seattle dates. It sure is nice having a passport and living fairly close to Canada.

EDIT: Booked tickets for myself and The Winner of Games to see Kooza on June 18th. Can.not.wait.

Another thing that would make me happy this summer would be a trip to the Oregon coast.

For now, I’ll just play it by ear, day by day.

Who’s excited to go to the doctor without insurance tomorrow?

This Light

I’m coming to terms with the reality that I tend to get sick a lot. I don’t know why. I care about my hygiene, so why do I always catch these bugs? Currently, I’m sitting at my parents’ house, and my neck is definitely tender, and I have mild aches and chills, a low fever, and to top it off, a rash on my face. Either my body is rejecting the climate(s) in Washington or I’m having a delayed reaction to hair dye and/or the baby wipes I used to get the random splotches of dye off my face. This is exactly how my face felt and looked in Hawaii last year when I developed heat rash, too, by the way.

I’m sure you all enjoy hearing about my trivial health woes. To make it better, Mom asked me if I was going to go to the doctor if I didn’t get better. Ha, ha, joke’s on me, I didn’t enroll in an individual health plan before I came home! Fiddle sticks.

My hairdresser asked me what I would write about in this downtime between traveling and grad school. So far, I have health problems; however, I feel like I’m encroaching on Fiction and Sanity‘s topics. (She happens to be one of my best friends, a book enthusiast, and a person with rheumatoid arthritis.)

Otherwise, I will probably be writing mostly about my day-to-day adventures, my longing to visit Amsterdam in December (Christmas season in Amsterdam? Yes, please.), and the continuing project of overcoming the Quarter-Life Crisis.

For now, though, I’m going to continue to sit here in sweats, look up 5k training plans, listen to Hype Machine, pretend I don’t miss Super Ninja but I totally do, and look at health insurance plans.

Oh boy, OH BOY!