Hawk Yeah.

Just a short post tonight in light of the recent Seahawks Super Bowl victory…

The “Seattle sports fan neurosis,” as a friend of mine said online, is real. Just look at this article, “Mediocrity, Followed by Bitter, Soul-Crushing Disappointment.” Growing up in the Northwest, you develop a type of defensive pessimism about the teams you love, which I think has bled into my personal attitudes about my own potential, whether that’s academic or in romance or whatever.

But then… a season like this happens. A season that really exemplifies a “Tell me I won’t” defiance. A season that showcases a city (and a region’s) pride in something that maybe is a metaphor for all of us in this grey little corner of the US.

Granted, I cautious of becoming too boastful, too prideful, too optimistic–but even so, the reward in challenging the naysayers has been so much more than a shiny trophy. Let that be the guiding principle from now on.

Go on. Tell me one more time that I won’t do it. That I can’t do it.

It seemed to work for these guys.




(Sadly, none of these photos belong to me. They were all shared via the Hawk Nation Facebook page. I was working all day and couldn’t catch the parade in-person, unlike many of my other friends. Jealousy!)


Dec. 4th

Prompt: Wonder. How did you cultivate a sense of wonder in your life this year?

The most notable thing that was in my control, in terms of wonder, was finally traveling to Europe. While over there, I immersed myself in several different cultures and took in architecture I rarely see back in the States. Europe was wonderful, and there is so much left for me to see there and in the rest of the world. However, it’s somewhat problematic– I seem to have cultivated a sense of restlessness and wandering, not just wonder.

On the uncontrollable side, I put myself back into the dating world. Unfortunately, I am currently in awe of the fact that I get myself into terrible situations in which my trust is often put to the test. At this point, should I close my heart completely off to men, or do I continue doing what I’ve been doing– that is, giving someone the benefit of a doubt and not letting suspicion rule my relationship?

I am in a continuous state of wondering what’s next and where I am going. I believe there is a reason everything happens, and I also believe that my control is somewhat limited. The universe has a funny way of kicking you back to where you should be, and often times, it’s very painful– like a kick to the stomach or chest.

I suppose I let myself cultivate wonder by constantly thinking about meaning. Perhaps I stress myself out too much over it, though. Either way, I’m no closer to any answers than I was at the beginning of the year, it seems. That’s alright for now.

On another note, I made it out to the Civil War today. It’s a shame the Giant Killers couldn’t deliver a 11-1 record to the Ducks, but what can you do? I had fun, and even was briefly interviewed on-camera for a second. I don’t think anything I said made sense, but that’s no matter.

All Aboard

This weekend was not traditionally eventful. I accomplished a great deal of homework (although I realized today I had inadvertently left out an entire concept in one paper) and caught up on sleep.

Two things that merit a title like “all aboard,” happened, however.

1. All aboard the murdertrain.
HIMYM fans get the reference. Anytime a semi-violence yet hilarious moment occurs on HIMYM, after the introduction of the 4Skins song in Season 3, “Murdertrain” plays. And anytime the only Pac-10 football team I have aligned myself with loses to a team in the conference that hasn’t won a conference game since the 2008 Apple Cup, that song also plays. Needless to say, Saturday was a slightly upsetting day for any Beaver fans.

Did I mention I go to Oregon State? And our mascot is a beaver?

2. Crazytrain.
Two of my classmates and I got together at Dutch Bros. to sit down and work on our papers, which were due today, on Sunday. What resulted was a plethora of editing and laughter– the type of laughter that garners strange looks from strangers. (Strange Looks from Strangers– is that a band name yet?) The ridiculousness of our deliriousness at cranking out 10-page papers aligning student development theory with undergraduate experiences was just reaffirmation of my choice to go to OSU. As Swon has said repeatedly, “None of us take ourselves too seriously.”

Bam. One sentence. We all take our school work and professionalism seriously, but not ourselves. That’s important to me. It’s important to know when to laugh.

Because if you’re not having fun, I’m not going to ride this roller coaster with you.


There was a game on Saturday, UW vs. OSU. I don’t want to talk about how it ended, so instead, I’ll talk about how much fun tailgating was. There is little else more satisfying than meeting up with a friend, buying many beverages, and searching for an OSU tent full of people you don’t know. We ended up hanging out with OSU fans, UW fans, and a few neutral Seattle U. students (and some French-Canadians??!), and it was a grand ol’ time. Made some new FASA connections, too– just proves it really is a small world.

The rest of the weekend went well. Just lots of food and hanging out with friends.

Today’s been a mixed bag. On one hand, work and class went really well. On the other hand, I found out there’s been a huge mix-up with my 401(k) rollover process. Long story short, one week before my rollover paperwork arrived at the administrative offices, there was already a command put in to close my “low balance” account. I would have known this if I had gotten my mailing address at OSU early enough, but I had to have all my mail sent to my parents’ address.

Longer story short, I have to come up with over $200 to match what is being withheld for federal taxes, roll everything over somehow, and wait until tax season to get my refunds.

Now I get to deal with paying some state income tax, no state income tax, and reclaiming withholdings. I hate everything related to money right now, especially since I still have to wait about two weeks for my next paycheck.

In other news, I miss my mommy and daddy, my hometown friends, my Seattle friends, and that one I call the Super Ninja. But on the up side, I have a nice little friend network growing here in Corvallis.

More to come later.

Football Fan Fail

I should have saved this entry for Friday, but it was too much fail to be contained for that long.

Basically, I’m attending an NCAA Division 1 school for grad school, and for every home game, OSU releases 6,000 student tickets. Well, guess who’s a dummy-dumb and wasn’t one of the first 6,000 to reserve a ticket for what could be the largest non-conference game played here ever?

Yeah, that’s me. Terrible.

What’s worse is now I am basically assured to not get a real-life ticket for the Civil War, which is the big OSU vs. U of O game. (OSU gives priority to students presenting all five home game ticket stubs when the C.W. tickets are released.) The gameĀ happens to be taking place the day after my 25th birthday.

Now, realistically, I actually don’t enjoy sitting in the stands doing nothing during a football game. I’m accustomed to either being in the band or being a cheerleader. The few football games I’ve gone to as just a spectator were awkward and, let’s face it, kind of boring for me. So, in a sense, I suppose it will be okay if I’ve failed on this front this season so far.

I guess this just means I’ll have to plan a big “Beat the Ducks” 25th-birthday extravaganza or something.

This is trivial, I know. In all seriousness, I’m simply trying to stay calm and collected as my assistantship officially begins tomorrow. On the outside, I’m doing a great job of this. On the inside, not so much.

On another note, I will be hitting up Portland, OR on the 25th for some me-time (a.k.a., sugaring at Treatment), so if anyone would like to catch me there, let me know. Additionally, I will be in Seattle from the 8th-10th of October for a wedding. I plan on hanging out with the Super Ninja while I’m not actually at the wedding, but maybe I can see some other smiling faces as well.