Projects and Artifacts

On this page, you will find links to several projects I’ve completed in my CSSA career, as well as supporting artifacts showcasing professional development and out-of-class experiences.

Fall 2010
AHE 548: History of American Higher Education
AHE 551: Programs and Functions
AHE 552: Theory I
Winter 2011
AHE 513: Assessment and Research
AHE 599: Globalization of Higher Education
Spring 2011
AHE 520: Multicultural Issues
AHE 552: Theory II
AHE 599: Organizational Architecture
Summer 2011
AHE 510: Internship – University of the West Indies – Student Advisory Services
AHE 510: Internship – Wenatchee Valley College – Student Programs and New Student Orientation
Fall 2011
AHE 510: Internship – Willamette University – Advising Student Organizations
AHE 558: Organization and Administration
Winter 2012
AHE 554: Legal Issues
AHE 599: Spirituality in Higher Education
Professional Development

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