CSSA Competency #8

8. Individual, Group, and Organizational Communication

Graduates should be able to demonstrate effective interpersonal communication skills with students and colleagues and their ability to develop and maintain effective partnerships with individuals from the campus and local community. In meeting this competency, students should demonstrate their experience with/ability to. . .

    1. Positively manage, develop, and engage in working relationships with faculty, staff, and students across functional and institutional boundaries;
    2. Initiate and participate in working alliances and teams with a wide range of people across cultural boundaries;
    3. Take on key leadership roles though these partnerships and collaborations;
    4. Serve as advocate, counselor, and/or advisor to students or student groups; and
    5. Manage and/or mediate conflict, crisis, or problematic circumstances.

Taken from http://oregonstate.edu/education/programs/cssacomp.html

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