CSSA Competency #2

2. Student Development in Higher Education

Graduates should be able to demonstrate their understanding of student populations and sub-cultures within varied higher education settings. In meeting this competency, students should demonstrate their knowledge of. . .

    1. Transitional issues faced by students before and after their tenure in higher education settings;
    2. The various and changing needs, goals, affinities of students within varied higher education settings (e.g. community college, private, public, religiously affiliated, tribal colleges, historically Black colleges and universities, Hispanic serving institutions, etc);
    3. The diversity of student populations including, but not limited to, age, socioeconomic status, gender, gender identity, race and ethnicity, language, nationality, religion or spirituality, sexual orientation, ability, and preparedness; and
    4. Theories related to student development and potential practical applications.

Taken from http://oregonstate.edu/education/programs/cssacomp.html

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