About the CSSA Program

I chose to attend Oregon State University for my Master’s program. College Student Services Administration was founded in the 1960s, and prepares college-level administrators through a series of classroom- and field-based experiences. Currently, the program requires a minimum of 9 internship credits, translating to roughly 270 hours in the field. Internships must be a minimum of 2 credits, and each student must take at least two separate internships. Additionally, I–like most of my peers–hold a graduate teaching assistantship, meaning I am employed part-time by a university department. While a GTA position provides me nice benefits like a tuition waiver and a stipend, it also gives me relevant experience in the field of student affairs. I presently work as the University Honors College GTA, and as such, spend a fair amount of time programming and planning activities with and for OSU’s high-achieving students.

CSSA is a competency-based program. By the end of my two years, I will have to demonstrate sufficient knowledge in each of the competencies. Part of that will be folded into my final project: the portfolio. I plan on creating an extensive and in-depth portfolio based around my already-existing blog, Trains and Sunsets. (Who knew that my little post-graduation record-keeping would turn into a pivotal project?)

In addition to my program, I am also involved with the NASPA International Education Knowledge Community and HigherEdLive.com.

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