CSSA Portfolio – Table of Contents


CSSA Program Competencies

Competency Reflections

Required Courses & Electives

  • AHE 548: History of Higher Education
  • AHE 551: Programs and Functions of Higher Education
  • AHE 552: Student Development Theory I
  • AHE 552: Student Development Theory II
  • AHE 599: Student Transitions Seminar (First-Year Transitions)
  • TCE 530: Fundamentals of Counseling
  • AHE 513: Research and Assessment in Higher Education
  • AHE 520: Multicultural Issues
  • AHE 599: Organizational Architecture
  • AHE 558: Organization and Administration of Higher Education
  • AHE 554: Legal Issues in Higher Education
  • AHE 557: Professional Development in Higher Education
  • AHE 574: Budget and Finance
  • AHE 510: Internship – College of Business
  • AHE 510: Internship – Student Programs (Wenatchee Valley College)
  • AHE 510: Internship – Office of Student Activities (Willamette University)

Area of Specialization

Advising for the Globally-Connected Citizen

  • WS 580: International Women
  • AHE 599: Globalization of Higher Education
  • AHE 599: Spirituality
  • AHE 599: Academic Advising
  • AHE 510: Internship – International Degree and Study Abroad
  • AHE 510: Internship – Student Advisory Services (University of the West Indies at St. Augustine)




  • NASPA International Symposium – 2011, 2012
  • NASPA National Conference – 2011, 2012
  • NASPA Western Regional Conference – 2011
  • Oregon Women in Higher Education – 2011, 2012

Projects & Artifacts

Additional Experiences & Projects

  • Member: ACPA, NASPA
  • Western Washington University Alumni Ask! Mentor
  • NASPA International Education Knowledge Community (IEKC) Technology Chair – 2011-present
  • CSSA Campus Days Coordination – 2011


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