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What’s the deal here?

Look, I needed a fresh start on this whole “web-log” thing, so I decided to blow it up and start from scratch. I’m no longer the heartbroken, manic twenty-something who fell deeply into graduate school and CrossFit somewhere along the self-discovery journey; I’m now the painfully normal professional and self-deprecating thirty-something who’s an average weightlifterContinue reading “What’s the deal here?”

My daily planner

A planner. That’s a novel idea. I’ve been meaning to get one again for some time. Ideally, I’d get one with a sticker page. That’s my only criteria. Again, isn’t this stock photo cute?

Travel Tips

I only have one travel tip as we kick off the new blog: Probably don’t travel for awhile because we’re in the thick of another wave of COVID-19. My poor passport.

About Me

Hi, I’m Ardith. Previously an academic advisor, I made the transition to working for a corporate well-being company in 2015. When I’m not spending time with my dumb dog and amazing husband, I love sharing contemplations about food, adventure, and living a healthy life!

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