Let Me Reintroduce Myself

I didn’t know Gwen Stefani had a new song out, but my Google search to affirm that “reintroduce” is an acceptable verb has reassured me that I am not the only person in this boat.

Hi. I’m Ardith. I used to blog incessantly. And now I don’t.

I picked up the habit sometime in high school, when it seemed safer to record thoughts and happenings in an electronic format. It only resulted in drama once or twice.

During my college years, I dutifully kept a new blog, changing usernames a few times along the way, saving near blackout moments to the web along with the obligatory Facebook photo albums we millennials were fond of. (Did you know Facebook photo albums used to have limits on how many pictures you could upload? That’s why there are no fewer than three albums dedicated to that one Britney Spears concert I attended years ago.)

After graduation, I spun up a WordPress account with the intention of using it as a professional portfolio. Soon after, I instead spun into mild depression, fueled by a curiously dumb move to a studio apartment in a questionable neighborhood that mercifully ended in 2009 and a long-distance relationship that would end in 2010.

Then commenced several years of travels near and far, ill-advised almost-relationships, graduate school (not ill-advised–very wonderful, in fact), a stint in Portland, and a return to Seattle. I intended for my Seattle move to be short-lived, but alas, the universe grew tired of my angst and whining over love* and set me on course to meet my wonderful and very place-bound future husband in the city.

*Former readers of this blog will notice that this is a fresh start. Yes, even I grew tired of my own personal Thought Catalog of “I have no love story” posts. We can let those go.

Somewhere along the way, I committed to focusing on just myself, living life for me, and it was through that period that I grew more into who I am now, and it was what ultimately made my meeting with John perfectly-timed.

So, what am I doing here? Why here? Why now?

To keep it concise, I simply miss writing. I’m not sure I can commit to any kind of frequency at this point, and I’m hesitant to do that, given we all have enough noise and information blasted at us all the time. I’m no influencer, but I have thoughts, and I like food and travel and fitness, so I suppose I intend to share my thoughts on those topics and more.

(And if anyone along the way wants to pay me to review their wine or hotel room, I will happily oblige, but I don’t have John trained as an IG Husband, so you’ll get some eloquent words at the least.)

All this to say once more, hello, I’m Ardith. You’re welcome to join me on whatever journey this turns out to be.

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