Cures For An Unhealthy Sick Day Policy

Some Friday food for thought on sick days! I can’t believe the number of us who show up to work sick (and I’ve been guilty in the past of such–I do a much better job now). It’s not doing anyone any favors!



Have you every been involved or known someone in a circumstance similar to the one below?

An employee at a healthcare facility comes to work, obviously sick with the flu. Her colleague asks her why she’s at work and didn’t call in. The employee says that the managers have told everyone that if they call in sick they have to find their own replacement. The woman woke up an hour before her shift feeling ill, and no one answered her calls back to cover her. In addition, she cannot afford to take the time off because her sick time goes against her vacation time and she only has enough left in the year for the vacation her family has planned for months and cannot shortchange it. Finally, her company’s policy also states that for her to earn her her holiday pay she must work the scheduled shift before and after, and…

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