Definitive Ranking of the Most Ridiculous Things Over Which I Have Cried

3. Circa 1990. Spilling a gallon of milk when I was a little kid because I was super excited about the new cereal we bought. I literally cried over spilt milk.

2. 2016. CrossFit Open workout 16.2. I am sick and injured, my toes to bar and double-unders are not amazing but sufficient, and I messed up my cleans really badly in front of everyone during my redo attempt, so I got upset later and ugly cried over the phone to the boyfriend. My screen was smeared with make-up and tears because I literally did not exercise as well as I wanted to.

1. Circa 2010-2012. One time, after getting not-dumped by a not-boyfriend, I was hungry and eating a gross protein bar while listening to the radio. That awful Fun./Pink collaboration came on, and I cried over those stupid lyrics while mid-bite. Really flattering, and absurd enough that after about thirty seconds, I just started laughing instead.

Just a quick entry to say, I’m fine now. On all accounts. Better to have a full range of emotions than to be a robot, even if it means being ridiculous now and again. Onwards we go…

One thought on “Definitive Ranking of the Most Ridiculous Things Over Which I Have Cried

  1. Alicia says:

    Girl, I once cried over a road bike workout DVD. Which is something you watch while riding your bike on a trainer in your living room.
    So, basically someone takes a ride with a GoPro and then makes it into a DVD.
    Yeah. I cried.
    Okay, I was also pregnant. But still.

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