Actually, You Aren’t Enough

Someone had to say it, and say it well. I’ve been trying to live in the moment, trying to celebrate each little step forward, and to think critically about what I truly want and hope for myself in this life. Nothing is 100% certain, that’s for sure, and nothing will come without failure. But failure doesn’t come without trying, and that’s the important part right now.

Sinclair Ceasar

You Are Enough.

Those three words frustrate me. I don’t always believe in them. For some of us, the goal of perfection has been a burden for quite some time. Some of us jokingly say things like I’m just a perfectionist or I just like to do it right the first time. Okay. I actually say those things all the time. But, when I fail, I kick myself and sulk. I restart the self-loathing process:

Step 1: Doubt my skills.

Step 2: Envy others who do what I do – seemingly better.

Step 3: Repeat.


Thanks to Twitter, I find myself scrolling through update after update from others who are killing the SA game. Heck, maybe some feel the same way when they peruse my statuses. My self-worth gets tied up into everything I haven’t done, and into every year of experience I don’t have in my field. I end up…

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