ALS Ice Bucket Challenge-ish

Last night, I was nominated by a friend to “take the plunge” and join in on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. I accepted, but being that I am who I am, I decided to do things a bit differently.

I filmed a short video explaining what I’m doing, which is pretty standard. However, I have to clear up a few things because I had just woken up from an unintended couch nap, so I’m a bit fuzzy-brained, as you can see.

I am, indeed, going to chip in to the ALS Association. When I say, I’d “feel bad” about dumping water and ice on myself, it’s not because I don’t support the cause; what I mean is that I’m already pretty self-conscious about my water habits. I’m very guilty of leaving the faucet on while brushing my teeth, which has to be one of my worst habits. (It’s getting better, though!) Considering that I have a water bill to take care of, that there are people without access to clean drinking water, and dry conditions contributed (and always do) to wildfire season, I felt like taking a small step in not splashing a few gallons on myself outside of my regular showers was the right thing for me to do.

In regards to the Mike Brown Scholarship Fund… The scholarship was set up several days ago, and its primary objective is to help Brown’s siblings, and as it is also supported by the Wisconsin HOPE Lab, will further the mission of college access. The fund has since closed to donations, so I’m actually going to chip in towards the HOPE Lab, which is run through University of Wisconsin, and the Michael Brown Memorial Fund. The causes are still good ones, and the intention remains the same.

The other causes I mention are as follows:

Water 1st International, who will be holding the Water 1st, Beer 2nd event on Thursday, August 28th in Seattle.

North Central Washington Fire Relief Fund.

Anyway, here you go. Enjoy.

Edit: Ah, actually, I donated to all of these things before I got around to publishing this post. So I can’t go back on my word. 🙂 Happy supporting, folks.


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