The Last Few Weeks (Now With Pictures!)

I went away for a couple of days.

No, not actually away-away; I’ve just been busy, yet again. I’ve started poking around at PhD programs again, resolving yet another internal battle. This one’s kind of a long-term project, but I’ll deal with it.

Everything else I’ve been doing… well, let’s do this in picture form!

main_14I haven’t been dating anyone! The furthest I’ve gotten is a few text conversations. I’m doing really well at being single in the city. Good job at getting out there, self.

Hello-Kitty-House-in-Shanghai-1The house I live in has been foreclosed! And now I have to move again. The new owners bought it yesterday, and we’re still sorting out the timelines for moving. I’m THRILLED to have to pack up everything again and deal with the stress of competing with other displaced tenants throughout the city. Not to mention coming up with yet another deposit. Fantastic.

Overhead-Press-1I’ve been strict pressing. A little bit. I did some heavier presses last week, and I threw in 50 presses with the bar into my modified WOD today. (For a few days, I’m trying to stay away from movements that will stress my knees. I flared up my old, chronic knee problems between a botched shuttle run a month ago and a 5K a few weeks later. Neat.)

crossfit-double-underI’ve also worked on my double-unders. I suppose we’ll see what things look like next week, after my knee calms down. One of my coaches basically scrapped everything I thought I knew about double-unders and started me from scratch. But after only a few days, I’ve had some break-throughs. Things feel much better. They’re getting there.

Sherlock-Season-1-Promo-sherlock-on-bbc-one-30672916-1406-865And I’m officially Sherlocked. Started watching on February 15th, so that’s where I’ve primarily been between work and the gym. Oh my goodness, this show is good. My mind feels so sharp and yet so “Jell-O”-like at the same time. How is that possible? Probably something to do with that Cumberbatch voice and big words. Probably. Is this why I’m picking up the PhD search again? Huh. Subliminal messaging is an odd bird.

And that’s the run-down. Now, with Doctor Who and Sherlock on breaks, and only a few intermittent HIMYM episodes before the show ends (forever!), I’m probably going to try and do some sort of balance of work, CrossFit, dance, reading, and writing. I’m such a bore during winter.

When’s the sun coming back?

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