Day of the Doctor

K&T–stop reading. Now.

I am a fan of Doctor Who. That is no surprise.

And when the 50th Anniversary special was announced, I was majorly excited. When it was announced the special would be screening in select theaters, I was even more excited.

Now, if you haven’t seen it yet, stop reading here, because I will spoil it for you–and as someone who spent nearly three days off Facebook, Twitter, and any other news feed story to avoid any details, I know you don’t want that to happen.

(Seriously, to those of my friends who haven’t seen it yet, stop reading. Now. Go catch up, go find the special, and then I don’t even mind if you don’t come back to read my summaries.)


Did you navigate away? Good.

Let me just start by saying, OF COURSE, I’m upset Christopher Eccleston didn’t film anything new for this special. He’s my favorite Doctor! But–he is also a professional, and he is in every way entitled to turn down roles. He doesn’t reprise roles, and in some way, that leaves his story perfectly intact. The Ninth Doctor has my heart forever and ever with his darkness and his angst. He may be a reflection of my own soul, and maybe I don’t want anyone to tinker with that now. However, the tip-of-the-hat to Nine was fine enough, and Hurt’s line right before regeneration made me smile. We know who The War Doctor becomes.

Now… where was I?

David Tennant and Matt Smith were, for a lack of better words, amazing. To see both characters side-by-side–and with John Hurt’s Doctor–was a thrill ride. Tennant is my next favorite Doctor after Eccleston’s, for his portrayal and for Tennant’s own enthusiasm for the Doctor. Tennant is an actor that has mastered subtlety. As Hurt’s War Doctor exclaims, “Thank you, Bad Wolf Girl!” And Tennant’s wild-eyed response was heart-breaking. But it was so good, even if it was just a second long. There are plenty more reviews out there, many of which are more eloquent, more well-rounded and critical. I just happen to be one happy fan.

The thing is–there were so many predictable ways this could have gone. And in not satisfying all of those, it leaves me wanting more. It leaves the stories open. It leaves the imagination the possibility of running wild.

Isn’t that the beauty of this fantasy world? That anything and everything is possible?

Ten/Rose. We could have seen Eleven/Rose. We could have seen War, Nine, Ten, Eleven. Donna. Jack. River. But we didn’t–and for that, I’ll always be free to entertain the “what-ifs.”

A few months ago, I had a dream that I was the new Doctor in an American reboot. I had to have a heart-to-heart with David Tennant to discuss how to pull of such an enormous task. In the end, everything was okay. I knew I would be perfect as the Doctor. I would write that story perfectly.

I can’t live in a fantasy world, though–but I do know that I live in a world where dreams are to be followed. Like the Doctor says, he dreams, too. Dreams don’t always come true, but without dreaming, without wondering, you’ll never know how far you can get.

That, my friends, is the joy of living–whether it is for hundreds of years or only a handful. Dream on; it’s a wild ride.

Femme!Nine reappears.

Femme!Nine reappears.

I don’t want to go.

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