I’m thankful for…

The laughter in my life.
The people who can turn an ordinary day into anything but ordinary.
The hopes I have to see the world, even though the immediate future is full of paying down debt from previous adventures.
The sunrises and sunsets I’ve been privy to.
The conversations had with special people before my eyes grew too heavy and I fell asleep in the curvature of their arm.
The belief that maybe my purpose is just to make others smile.
The hope that I don’t just do well, but that I do good in this world (to borrow a phrase from a good friend).
The family I was born into–the best family for me, that’s for certain.
The family I have chosen, as well–friends with wide and varied stories of their own.
The friends who have come and gone, for even they challenged my perspectives and enriched my life in many ways.

Thank you.

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