In the In-Between

I am having some blogger’s block currently. I am processing a lot at work and in my head. My heart is being annoying and emotional, as one can easily discern from latest blog posts. And I’m feeling like this might be another obnoxious SAD season, so bring on the light boxes and CrossFit.

In all actuality, I have had some revelations that must be shared with only a certain few. And I have a personal project that I am starting the very baby beginning stages of. These things are going to take up some time, but I hope to share as much as I can.

I am done traveling for awhile, and I get to spend this coming weekend in town. However, I will be busy–hitting the gym, updating my license, running errands. It will be nice, though, to get caught up. I need it so badly.

Tonight, I spent with a bunch of women from my Seattle CrossFit gym. It was a good chance to get to know folks a bit more, and there are some very wonderful and talented people at this box. I love any opportunity to share stories and laugh and, of course, drink a bit of wine (and a little whiskey a bit later!). I know these folks will continue to push me forward, to tackle my weaknesses, and continue to grow.

My eyes are heavy now; it’s time to sleep.

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