Found Words

Love is worth the risk of being hurt. – m4w

Love is not only worth the risk of being hurt, but it is even worth the certainty of it.

If you love somebody they will eventually hurt you more than anyone else can. It does no good to run from it since it only prolongs the hurt until you finally feel numb. The pain of seperation [sic] also tends to emphasize the negative while embracing love despite pain and vulnerability tends to bring back the positive joyful aspects.

If you really love something then it is worth suffering for.

Stranger, you just gave me a mirror. Sure, it’s pessimistic, but you have a point. I’ve been separating the two, putting the broken ones in one pile, and putting the elusive perfect mate into his own category.

Anything worth loving deeply comes with risk, with uncertainty, and with sacrifice.

I’m so impatient that I run. I run because staying means would mean I embrace it all: the love, the joy, the hurt, the pain, the vulnerability. I have gotten so good at dealing with only the hurt and the pain that, in some ways, I have only sought it out.

It has become standard. It has become predictable. It has become reality.

Stranger, if only you knew the feelings I feel, the ache in my heart when I wish only for happiness for those who have hurt me, the longing to be no longer alone… If only you knew I wish only for the best for both of us.

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