The Subtext

I don’t believe in conventional, at least not for myself. But trying to resolve “unconventional” with my strongest desires is difficult.

I have joked a lot about the fact that so many of my friends are partnered and married, that people I know are even on their second or third marriage, and that it seems my whole family is getting married next month… And here I am, without even one broken engagement! There’s always some shred of truth or sadness on self-deprecating humor, and although I can’t fathom the heartbreak one would endure in such a situation, I wonder why I’m sleeping alone again tonight.

Don’t mistake this for desperation or pitiful loneliness. Something about the seasons turning and the chill in the air makes me long for an embrace, for a moment in which I lay my head on your chest, for a time when we share little-known facts about one another, and you kiss the top of my head before we drift off to sleep.

Baby, come home to me. Wherever you may be.

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