Goodbye. Hello.

Goodbye (for now, but you’re not going to be rid of me), Portland.

Hello, Seattle.

Remember when I said I wanted to put down roots somewhere? Well, I decided maybe it wasn’t quite time for that. I instead decided that my late twenties demanded at least one more uprooting.

Roughly three years after saying goodbye to the Emerald City, I am back. I accepted a job at the University of Washington. I will be continuing my journey as an advisor (although it seems my new title will require me to call myself an “adviser”) with the School of Public Health’s Public Health Major. This all happened quicker than I expected, as I had originally thought about starting a casual hunt for my next position around October or so.

So. Here I am. All I knew is that I needed to be at work at 8AM on September 17th, and everything else was secondary. It all worked out, and I was able to say goodbye to many of my favorite PDX folks, then take two days to move into a new home and unpack for the most part before starting.

I was so lucky to start out with Clark College, and my love for the two-year college system and public education helped me learn and grow as a professional. I have solid connections at the two-year level, and I intend to continue being an advocate for our students, especially transfer students I may see.

I’ll miss my colleagues, my CrossFit HEL (please don’t get me started because I will cry), my quirky Portland house, the easy-going attitude that Portland embraces, and the “it’s ten degrees hotter today than in Seattle” summer days. I will strangely miss not pumping my own gas.

A few of my friends have already noted that I will likely spend many weekends and days off in Portland, and they’re right. That said, I am excited to be located in my core network’s city again; I am also happy to be in a place where the distance to my hometown is the same as the distance to Portland.

I am the type of person who now believes in a different kind of open door policy, one in which I will leave a place I treasure with the fully-intact option to someday return. I believe in the infinite strangeness of the universe, and to that extent, I believe I end up exactly where I need to be.

Here’s to the next step. Here’s to new adventures. And here’s to never forgetting that I am constantly becoming, that I am writing my own story.

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