Adventures in Downsizing

I have a lot of baggage.

I mean this emotionally, physically, and literally.

I have a lot of stuff.

Romances without closure. The evidence of too many indulgent weekends. Unread books.

This summer is the best time to start weeding out these things. I’ve talked a lot about the emotional journey, how I’m using this summer to focus on myself and friendships and adventures and goals. I’ve kept you all updated on CrossFit in a somewhat sane manner (I hope). Both of these things have been downsizing in certain ways–trying to tighten my connections and reconnecting with my values, and taking off physical inches on my size as I get into better health and fitness.

But what about the literal?

Funny you should ask. (Okay, maybe you didn’t ask.) I’ve been cleaning my closet out pretty extensively, bagging clothes and shoes and accessories. I sold a few things to Buffalo Exchange and gave a few more things to some friends. I plan on repeating these steps and throwing in the occasional donation run, as well, so that I can pare down my clothes to really great, essential items. This is tough because a lot of these things carry sentimental value. However, I’ve been moving towards a shift in my life philosophy to record things in words and in photos, rather than in material belongings.

Next come the household items. These feel like anchors, but you all know me–I’m not sure where I’ll be in the next couple of years. By the time I settle down, most of what I own will be worn out or broken, anyway, if I hang on to it for good, so I’m trying to be strategic in figuring out what can go for now.

Books are a problem, too, because I love my little library. I have books I want to read over and over again, books that are great conversation starters and great additions to any collection, and books that I look forward to reading.

Books also weigh a ton.

I finally figured out a good compromise, though. I’ve created a list called “My Virtual Library,” and on that list, I have the titles and authors for books I really enjoyed but don’t have the space to hold on to anymore. Those books will go on to good homes, and those titles will remain handy for me so when I decide to revisit those stories, I know where to look them up. Additionally, if I come into possession of a digital reader, I would be more than happy to add those books to my “real” virtual library.

Things are coming along slowly. We don’t really have much of a yard in which to hold a yard sale, so I am wondering if anyone has any ideas outside of eBay and craigslist to sell some of the items I’m currently piling up in a corner.

My hope is that I get into a place where I can, at the least, fit everything into one car trip to the storage unit. Granted, the dining set and my snowboard are throwing a wrench in the plan, but maybe I’ll just consider those outliers in this whole process…

In CrossFit happenings, I was assigned the Rx’d motion of single-arm dumbbell snatches yesterday. With the Rx’d weight. My time was slower than my teammates doing power snatches, but I got through it. I did have to modify the GHD sit-ups and toes-to-bar, as I have a fear of going backwards over myself still (GHDs), and I tend to fatigue after about three reps on toes-to-bar. However, I did “catch one!” during my toes-to-bar warm-ups yesterday. I know I can do them! Now I just need to do more than one to three really good reps each time.

Also, we did Fight Gone Bad last week, and I did the whole thing Rx’d; I wasn’t injured, nor was I sick! Broke 200 reps finally. 206, if I remember correctly.

In GoFundMe news, we just hit $300 tonight! Almost 1/3 of the way there. 🙂 Again, visit my page to learn more and chip in! Things are coming along, and I am incredibly thrilled with the support thus far.

Stay tuned for more Best Summer Ever updates!

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