A Smidge of an Update

I’ve been busy, y’all. Last week, I took some days off CrossFit, made a really good meatloaf, saw the Postal Service*, and spent quality time with friends. Since returning to the gym last Thursday, I’ve made it my goal to practice double-unders and handstands as close to every day as possible, with my hated wall balls and pull-ups thrown in there, too. So far, I’ve seen progress in nearly all my skills, although wall balls are still so cruel for someone only 5’1″.

This weekend, I’ll have my best friend’s baby shower to look forward to. I love her and this group of friends dearly. That said, I am not playing baby poop guessing games. I will escort myself to the bathroom if those occur, and I will enjoy my mason jar of cocktail that I inevitably bring. (Judge me, I dare you to.)

In other news, I’m still focused on these October trips and beyond. We’ve hit $200+ on GoFundMe, so I’m trying to craft some kind of wonky fun video update bribe to get us to $475. Note that I’ve been saying “we” and “us” throughout this project–now that y’all (as in “the crowd”) are involved, this project has multiple stakeholders! So, join in on the journey.

I must be off, now. Lives to change, don’t you know.


* OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 I ❤ YOU, BEN GIBBARD!!!!!!!!

4 thoughts on “A Smidge of an Update

  1. Marc Rigney says:

    Ben Gibbons is single now, so go ahead and go for it. I don’t know if adorkable is still his type, though.

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