The Best Thing About Your 20s Is That They Don’t Have To End

Just like I said on Dad’s birthday–live a good life. Things don’t end when you turn 30, friends.

In fact, they probably just keep getting better.

Thought Catalog


When I was in high school, one of my friends would claim she planned to kill herself right before her 30th birthday. She couldn’t bear the thought of growing old. She also said she’d go to Hell for wearing blue jeans in church, so I wasn’t sure how seriously I should take her. Nevertheless, her statement captures the sentiment that many young people still hold today. For some reason, many think your life ends at 30.

I know this is true of the students I teach. They often make comments suggesting that by the time you turn 30 you need to sit down somewhere. Where do they get that idea from, I wonder?

Our culture glorifies our 20s as the Golden Age of life. Apparently, once you reach 30, it’s curtains. It must be written in the Constitution or something. Just look at our favorite TV shows and films. People…

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