Stronger than yesterday.

Make that two skills and Christine left before I pass the CrossFit HEL Basic Test. I need three consecutive chest-to-bar pull-ups and 25 unbroken wall ball shots (14lb. ball, 10′ target). Pull-ups are hopefully going to happen very soon, as I’ve gone from barely any movement during my first Basic attempt to only inches away this time around. Wall balls… are going to take a little bit longer. I have height working against me, and the shoulder to overhead motion is not my strength.

In fact, wall balls are my kryptonite.

The plan? Work with the 10′ target at the lighter weights until I get 25 unbroken shots. And 8′ shots with the heavier weights. I’ll get there; it’s just going to take some unpleasant work.

It’s time to face the demons.

When we get comfortable, we can–as a co-worker said today–get comfortably numb. There are scary things out there, but tiptoeing around those scary things never made anyone stronger. This goes not just for CrossFit, but for my professional and personal life outside of the box.

It is time to break into blossom.

Here goes nothing. (And a lot of frustrated yelling.)

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