Day of the Moon

Apparently, “Monday” is rooted in an Old English phrase for “Day of the Moon.” It makes the return to the work week a little bit better, a little more magical.

I spent the weekend shirking responsibility, and every now and then, a young lady needs that. Because of that, I have nothing original to share today, and you can blame my sleepy brain.

Here are some nice pieces from Thought Catalog that are relevant to my life as an adult in transition.

Your Real Love is the One You Hurt
(I’ve always maintained that those of you who see the full spectrum of my emotions are the most important to me–even if that means I get mad at you sometimes.)

14 Things That Show You What Actually Matters to You
(Side note: I guess Donna Noble’s departure on Doctor Who really matters to me)

14 Ways to Rethink the Love in Your Life

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