They Say Everyone Has A Soulmate, But I Am Still Waiting

“If we’re playing hide-and-seek, I’m ready to surrender the game. You win this time.”

Thought Catalog

Where are you, the man who I will love? The person who will be beside me forever? I’ve been looking for you all my life. I looked for you when I sat with my best friend late at night, reading our teen magazines, flipping through the pages of love stories. “How to find a boyfriend,” “15 fun dates under $15,” “Best qualities in a boyfriend.” And we lay there, late at night, whispering what we’d want in you.

Funny. Protective. Charming.

The things we do together, the types of things you say, what you’d look like, slipping from our lips as our eyes fluttered shut. Married by 25. Kids by 27. We’d be virgins for you, we swore. I was supposed to find you straight of high school, maybe in college. And I’d fall asleep imagining your strong arms keeping me safe. Are you looking for me, too?

I’m getting…

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