As You Are

The one who wants to be with you never lets you forget how special you are. They tell you via text message (in full sentences that don’t even need emoticons), flowers, candy, skywriter and actual in-person words — because they know how important it is to be in the presence of love, to be wrapped up in it, to feel it next to you holding you and never letting go.”

The One Who Wants to Be With You

I am being very patient. I am exhausted from trying and failing and picking myself up. I am only tough because I have been broken so many times before, and what you see externally is a lot of scar tissue. Deep down is a girl with so many feelings, so much to offer, so much possibility.

He’s out there, I think. The one with whom all of these things and more ring true for me. It’s a two-way street I’m looking for; I keep ending up on one-ways and dead ends.

Open your eyes and look for me; I’ve lost my way. I need you to take me by the hand and basically… run.


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