On Tuesday night, we ran Elizabeth as the WOD. This is a benchmark workout, a workout that comes up occasionally to help athletes gauge progress. The last time I attempted Elizabeth was on January 18th, and my results were as follows:

For Time:
21-15-9 – Power Cleans and Ring Dips
Power cleans scaled to 55lbs.
Ring dips modified to jumping ring dips
Overall time: 7 minutes, 25 seconds

Tuesday, April 30th’s results were as follows:

For Time:
21-15-9 – Power Cleans and Ring Dips
Power cleans scaled to 70lbs.
Ring dips modified to band-assisted ring dips (blue band, approx. 50lbs. assistance)
Overall time: 7 minutes, 12 seconds

That’s definitely progress. I know the last time I did Elizabeth, I was worried about my form on cleans. I still am, but I know this time around, they did not feel sloppy. I’m working very hard to get my elbows up in that racked position, making sure my feet don’t jump out too wide, and keeping my core engaged throughout the entire lift. Additionally, ring dips are hard, and I “no-rep’d” myself a few times tonight because I couldn’t lock out at the top of the motion. I want that full range of motion. I’m getting there.

We also worked on inversions on the Olympic rings on Tuesday. I have only gone inverted several times on rings, and one of those times resulted in basically dislocation and scarring, so I’m not entirely enthusiastic about inversions. However, I tried it several times, and it just kept getting better each time. That’s also progress.

I also weighed in this week. The home scale showed 119.2lbs. and 24.6% body fat, down from January 18th’s 133.2lbs. and 29.4% body fat. Even the gym scaled is reporting a new body weight: 124.4lbs., down from right about 130lbs. during Basic testing.

What’s that you say? Oh yeah, progress.

Again, I’m not on the way to being a fitness prodigy. I don’t suddenly have an amazing repertoire of gymnastic moves and heavy lifts. I’m not going to suddenly come out in the Top 3 in an upcoming CrossFit competition.

But that’s not why I’m here. Progress in the name of progress and wellness and growth is why I’m here.

And that’s all that matters.


Oh, and also–it’s fun!

EDIT: B so kindly reminded me that Monday’s WOD included two-minute split drills: front (straddle), side (left and right legs), and partner “pancake” stretches. I haven’t stretched splits like that since college cheer, so it was good to work back into them. My right front split is still much worse than my left, due to old scar tissue, but my straddle and seated straddle (“pancake”) are good.

During the last pancake stretch, as my partner pushed lightly on my bad and my body inched nearer to the ground, I uttered, “Oh no, I really don’t want to put my face on this ground.”

So, naturally, the gym floor is where my face came to rest. Ick.

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