Call it what you will, but I am in dire need of a rest day in the best of ways. Since the competition just over a week ago (it was seriously not that long ago, and that’s mind-boggling), I’ve PR’d my 400m run, hit my first truly-Rx’d workout (weights and skills and everything!), and then been completely ego assassinated yet again.

Friday’s workout, in Coach K’s words, “divided the team in half: those who were incredibly sore afterwards, and those who didn’t do the workout.”

It was an Every Minute On the Minute for 30 minutes. It was Chelsea. And here’s how it all shook out.

5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats

If you can no longer continue 5, 10, 15:
Note time in EMOM, take 1 min rest, then continue EMOM with:
5 Pull-ups
7 Push-ups
10 Squats

If you can no longer continue 5, 7, 10:
Note time in EMOM, take 1 min rest and continue EMOM with:
3 Pull-ups
5 Push-ups
7 Squats

Supposedly, you could tap out if you could no longer the last rep scheme, but Coach told all of us he believed in us and our lung capacity. Hooray.

I worked up through minute 6 with the original rep scheme. I had modified my pull-ups to unassisted chin-to-bar pull-ups (yeah, I’m almost there!). Push-ups I took from the toe because I was feeling great.

After resting and starting back up on minute 7 with the second rep scheme, I got through several more rounds before my arms started to give out. After completing minute 10, I dropped to my knees on push-ups. After completing minute 17, I had to modify to jumping pull-ups because I developed my first palm rip and my arms were basically turning into jelly.

With those modifications, I was able to stick with the second rep scheme up through minute 30.

There was one moment with a teammate in which we made eye contact–drenched in sweat and a little dead behind the eyes–and with slight resignation, both hit the ground for push-ups. No words needed; those looks simply said, “Oh, this just SUCKS.”

The remainder of that night, I could barely use my arms.

Of course, I went to practice a few skills on Saturday, during which I could still not use my arms and the rest of my body was pretty tired, too. And of course, a bunch of us from the team went out to 80s/90s Night and danced.

So, OF COURSE, Sunday, I could barely move. I had trouble moving the comforter off myself when I woke up in the morning! I took Sunday to rest as best as possible, although even foam rolling was a chore. I basically just flopped on top of the roller and lay there. Not very productive. I stretched as much as possible, but that was fairly difficult, too. Grumble grumble.

I did manage to feel more energetic, enough to go to the gym Monday night for deadlifts and Annie, and Tuesday night for power cleans (which I took real light to work on form and not completely wreck my arms and back) and a kettlebell swings and burpees workout.

My arms are tired and useless again, and I already planned to take Wednesday as a rest day to recover.

The light at the end of this tiresome tunnel, though?

Think of how awesome my arms will look when I’m done. Worth it.


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