A Few of My Favorite Things

In response to a week that seems to be laced with tragedy, heartbreak, and downright scary moments, I’ve been spending time counting my blessings, reflecting on the good that I still see every day in my world. It’s not a surprise that I look inward before looking outward, and as we’ve been encouraged to combat evil with goodness, I think it’s time to share some of my favorite things about my exercise in existence.

These are a few of my favorite things:
* Phone calls from my best friends for absolutely no reason
* The songs birds sing early in the morning
* When two dogs are visibly overjoyed to meet each other in passing
* Getting the feels for a guy (yes, really)
* …And the little skip in my heartbeat when I see his name pop up on my phone’s screen
* …And realizing that, even at 27, dealing with crushes never gets easier
* Booking plane tickets because no matter the trouble faced in securing that flight and that rate, I know I’m going on an adventure
* Speaking of planes–watching planes take off and land
* Having conversations with students who may have found themselves in academic trouble but are returning to school–and when I ask them about their goals and dreams, they almost make me cry because it’s so sincere
* When I’m at my parents’ house and I get my hands on old photo albums–especially my baby albums
* Text messages from my mom
* Hugs
* Knowing that I have been born into one of the absolute best and most unique families out there
* The feeling I get when I’ve finally completed a research paper or conference proposal, and I know my topic and the research and my writing are all solid, and I just know it’s the best paper/proposal I’ve ever composed
* The exclamations from my coach, teammates, and myself that occur when I hit a new skill or PR at the gym
* Sitting down at the piano with old sheet music and reading through the pieces
* Dancing
* Home-cooked meals
* A perfectly-crafted whisk(e)y ginger
* Sunsets
* Sunrises
* Waking up in a new city
* Hand-written letters
* Memories that are so good that I can’t help smiling and/or laughing at the recollection
* Trying my hardest to live a life of purpose and value because the time I have here is not infinite

Pigeon Point

Stay safe. Reach out. And go forth and do good.

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