A Very Vegas Wednesday Update

Here is what you need to know about fitness while in Vegas: it’s possible; and when you slip up and order what is possibly the greasiest dinner paired with a sugary drink, you will feel awful. So much so that you feel the need to text everyone you know, post it on Facebook, and blog about it.

However, I do have good news. For one, I made it to a CrossFit box here. I went even though the Tuesday WOD was full of stuff I still cannot do.

Tuesday, March 5th
CrossFit Max Effort


12 double-unders – mod: 24 singles
6 chest-to-bar (C2B) pull-ups – mod: jumping pull-ups from a box
3 overhead squats – scaled: 45lbs.

Even though this was an “Every Minute on the Minute” WOD, it ended up being closer to an AMRAP for me. And almost everyone else in the gym, actually.

Rounds completed: 8

I nearly dumped the bar forward during one of my squats. That has straight up never happened before, and nothing makes you feel more on-the-spot when you have already modified and scaled like crazy than messing up a lift (and one you consistently nail! [TWSS]) in the middle of a WOD.

Even though it was annoying to be the only person super-modifying everything, I still got through it. Old me would have skipped out entirely. But, I showed up, I put in effort, and I know which skills I really need to tackle. (Pull-ups, double-unders, and box jumps are all on my radar.)

Also, I wore my box’s shirt which sports the “Train for Chaos” slogan. Definitely got a, “I f***in’ LOVE that!” from one of the Max Effort team members.

Wednesday, March 6th
The Strip Run

Today, I hit up a bunch of convention presentations, so I made the decision to stay on the Strip and embark on a run. I picked a work-out from RunKeeper and did what I could over a total distance of two miles. I ran, I walked, I ran up some stairs. I dodged tourists. I ran down some stairs inside The Bellagio. Then I stretched in front if those big famous fountains.

It wasn’t an ideal work-out setting, but hey, at least I did something in anticipation of my ruinous dinner.

I will post updates from last week’s WODs when I am back home and have my training journal. For now, good night.

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