Fit to Fly

I haven’t been able to do a regular check-in regarding my work-outs in the past couple of weeks. In fact, it looks like I haven’t logged any of my WODs here since the beginning of February.

Not to fear! I have been going as much as my travel and health schedule allows. I got knocked out for the first half of the past week with a cold. That, to say the least, was awful.

So, quickly, the month of February in CrossFit and Friends:

Thursday, Jan. 31st
CrossFit HEL – WOD: Snatch Training
First half of the work-out was just working on the first and second pulls in the snatch lift.

Next was 2 rounds for time of:
25 SDHP (basically a tight-gripped high bar pull) – load modified to 45lbs. (if I remember correctly; Rx was 55lbs.)
510m Run

Overall time: 7 minutes, 44 seconds

Friday, Feb. 1st
Two-mile walk/run: Ran the first mile nonstop
Then, box jump practice on a park bench. Park bench approximately 16″ off the ground.

Monday, Feb. 4th
CrossFit HEL – WOD: Forever Alive

(Strict) Press
Load: 60lbs.; 65lb. attempt failed that day

Push Press
3-2-2 @ 110% of strict press (2 min rest between sets)
Load: 65lbs.


3 HSPU – mod: 24″ box pike push-ups
4 Power Cleans – load: 60lbs. (5lbs. fewer than Rx)
5 Burpees

Overall rounds: I didn’t write it down, apparently. Smooth. I think it was in the 7-9 range. It was faster than I expected, but that doesn’t help.

Tuesday, Feb. 5th
CrossFit HEL – They Can’t Be Trusted

Overhead Squats
12-9-6 reps @ 60% 1RM
(60s rest between sets)
Load: 45lbs. (felt pretty light, and my form was strong; could up it next time)


6R For Time of:
300m Run
1 Rope Ascent – mod: rope ladder
10 Back Squats – load: 65lbs. (scaled down by 30lbs.)

Overall time: 19 minutes, 40 seconds

Thursday, Feb. 7th

AMRAP10:25 squats
10 push-ups
1 burpee tuck jump

6 rounds completed

Friday, Feb. 8th
On-the-road 2.0

Elliptical runDumbbell lifts: press; one-arm DB snatch
Med ball cleans
Pulley system for lats

Monday, Feb. 11th
CrossFit HEL – WOD: From Under the Back P

Back Squats
3 Back Squats @ 80% 1RM
Load: 100lbs.


For time:
20 Front squats – load: 70lbs.
30 Box jumps – mod: 20″ box step-ups
40 KB Swings – mod: 12kg. KB (we had a huge group and I actually couldn’t find another 16kg. KB)
50 Wall Ball Shots – Rx weight! Rx weight! 14lbs. (although they are not pretty yet at that weight)

Overall time: Apparently, I am not very good at recording my overall times when I have multiple mods to account for. I finished alongside one of our Rx guys, just a few seconds behind.

Tuesday, Feb. 12th
CrossFit HEL – Nasty Girls

3R For Best Time and Load of:
300m Run
1 Rack Jerk
Best time: 1 minute, 22 seconds; Load: 70lbs.


Nasty Girls
3R For Time of:
50 Air Squats
7 Muscle-ups – mod: banded ring dips x2 (14 ring dips each time)
10 Hang Power Cleans – mod: 55lbs.

Overall time: 10 minutes, 6 second

As I said later, “Is the WOD called ‘Nasty Girls’ because there are 150 booty drops in it??”

After the 12th, I had a day to prep for a trip; the 14th through 17th I was out of town. Got in some hotel gym time, but nothing super significant. A lot of elliptical work and some dumbbell and pulley system work. Then, I got sick. I returned on the 21st to the gym, and of course, it was a benchmark night.

Thursday, Feb. 21st
CrossFit HEL – WOD: Christine

3 Deadlifts @ 85% 1RM
Load: 130lbs.


3R For Time of:
500m Row
12 Deadlifts – mod: scaled to 115lbs.
21 Box Jumps – mod: 20″ step-ups

Overall time: 15 minutes, 32 seconds

This was six seconds slower than my last Christine attempt. However, I increased my deadlift load by 20lbs., and I weigh five pounds less than last time. Also, I was sick, so I will take six seconds added on as a victory.

Friday, Feb. 22nd
CrossFit HEL – WOD: CrossFit Games WOD 12.5
Find 1RM
Max load: 80lbs.

This was my first 1 rep max for thrusters. Our trainer there that night said it looked like I could possibly go a few pounds heavier. My cleans looked good, and the front squat to push press transition was good. I could feel my right arm lock out a bit after my left, though.


3 Thrusters – load: 65lbs. (Rx)
3 Pull-ups (C2B) – mod: box pull-ups
(each round adds 3 reps of each exercise)

Rounds completed: 4 full rounds (12 reps./each)

Saturday, Feb. 23rd
CrossFit HEL – Open Lab

As I said on the board: “A bunch of pull-ups.”
My body doesn’t quite get the kipping pull-up motion, so I spent about 45 minutes on several of the boxes, just working on “spring-loading” the shoulders. I struggle with banded pull-ups, as I find they hinder my ability to work on the kipping motion, and therefore, don’t aid me yet in developing the skill. So, by the end of my 45 minutes, I was using a one-footed take-off on the boxes, and letting my right foot hang off the box.

One of my teammates saw this drill and noted that it would be a really good drill for practicing bar muscle-ups. She then said, “I wouldn’t be surprised if you got a bar muscle-up before your pull-ups!”

Then, after developing a blister on my hand, I hopped on a rowing machine to cool down and played the fishing game. Best end to a work-out ever.

Sunday, Feb. 24th
CorePower Yoga

Sixty sweaty minutes, and it wasn’t even hot yoga. It’s funny how a warm room + a bunch of students makes a difference. I felt great. And sore.

Tuesday, Feb. 26th
CrossFit HEL – WOD: Nate


2 muscle-ups – mod: muscle-ups from the ground4 handstand push-ups – mod: pike push-ups from 33″ plyometrics box
8 kettlebell swings – scaled: 16kg. kettlebell

Overall rounds: 13 + 2 muscle-ups and 4 HSPU

A teammate commented on how good my arms look. Yes. They’re coming back!

Weekly Stats (according to home scale)
126.8 lbs.
26.4% body fat

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