Thoughts on “What Teachers Want to Tell Parents”

For all my friends who are having children and sending little ones off to school, here’s something to think about. Those who can and care teach: What Teachers Want to Tell Parents.

When I went to school, my parents held me responsible for my mistakes and my accomplishments. They took each and every parent-teacher conference seriously. They trusted that these professionals would do their best to help me learn, and sometimes, that meant that my teachers had to tell me the work I didn’t wasn’t my best.

Remember, sometimes our greatest learning opportunities came out of failure. Those of us that tried again even after failure became resilient, and I would sure as daylight love to be resilient as opposed to breezing through life because others fought needless battles for me.

Not every teacher is going to be the brightest shining star out there, but not every professional in every single job is going to be that shining star, either. Be intentional and thoughtful and articulate in the conversations you have with your children’s teachers; education isn’t simply an exchange of goods or services. It’s much more than that. It’s an opportunity to grow–and that doesn’t mean just for the children.

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