Southern Exposure

This past Wednesday, I took off for Savannah, Georgia. I was headed to the NACADA Administrators’ Institute where I would join the advising divisional managers at my school to draft up some plans to do what we do better.

The trip was one of the most fun I’ve had, and that says quite a bit. From watching Lincoln and Argo on the flight over, to playing tourist in historic downtown Savannah, to finding myself at a country bar talked into riding a mechanical bull (a.k.a., “The Buffalo”), to playing spokesperson as we outlined our detailed plan of action, to making newly-friends… it was truly re-energizing.

I took back some of that new energy today, trying my best to draw out some more depth in my conversations with students today. Our advising model may not be perfect and we definitely have some challenges that come with growing pains, but even though I was dead tired (thanks to an all-day travel day yesterday), I got through it.

I’ve got to keep this up, keep this momentum going. Yes, that sounds like a good plan of action.

Again by the Atlantic

Again by the Atlantic

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