I’m doing so much of it. I’ve been on this modified paleo-esque lifestyle switch/challenge for almost two weeks, and it’s going well. Minus the whole “this is a really bad time of year financially,” but I digress. With the challenge comes the additional challenge of being active every day. In fewer details, here’s the gist of things:

Saturday, Jan. 19th
I got a massage primarily for my aching shoulders. Later in the day, I walked in the oh-so-cold weather from SW Portland to NW. Not a hardcore day, but it was a rest day with activity built in.

Sunday, Jan. 20th
Test run the first day of a 5K training plan with a walk/run that took me across roughly 2mi. Later in the day, I attended a 60-minute yoga session. It wasn’t hot yoga, but there were so many people in the room that I left drenched from the humidity anyway.

Monday, Jan. 21st
This was a fine day for walking. I was going to buck up and hit the CrossFit HEL workout, which involved at least a mile of running interlaced with different taxing activities, but in the middle of my walk, I felt the egg intolerance rearing its nasty little ugly head. Turns out, two paleo pancakes with eggs in the batter is too much for me.

Still, a mile-long walk? I will take it.

Tuesday, Jan. 22nd
1.5mi walk/run first thing in the morning.
So. Slow. SO. Cold.
But, I did it. I ran really easy, walked really easy. Still, I did it. And I was still sweaty.

Wednesday, Jan. 23rd
CrossFit HEL – Partner WOD

Killer. Remember Fight Gone Bad?
Well, Coach took the elements of that, threw in a 500m. row between each thing, and set us loose.
While one partner rowed for 500m., the other took on one round of the FGB elements. In order, they were:
– wall ball shots (load: 14lbs.)
– sumo dead high-pull (load: 55lbs.)
– push press (load: 55lbs.)
– box jumps (mod: step-ups)
– double-unders (mod: single-unders)

Combined, my partner and I got 571 reps. I was on the lower end for push presses, and while I didn’t do the whole thing as prescribed, due to the mods, I have to report something awesome:

prescribed weight for wall ball shots, SDHP, and push press!

And that’s doubly-awesome because I had to scale my weights back when I did FGB a few weeks back due to my shoulders. YAY!

Weekly Weigh-In
Latest numbers:

28.3% BF


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