Right Back At It

Wednesday, Jan. 2nd
Yoga (at-home)

Wednesday, I decided to practice yoga again because my shoulders were hurting something awful. I chose an online video that looked like it was shot in the 80s, but it was a surprisingly good sequence. I felt stable in my poses, and I was also surprised to noted that I could actually do plow. I struggled with that every time I would go to a class when I was still at OSU. Overall, the relaxed practice felt good, and I felt centered and refreshed.

Thursday, Jan. 3rd
CrossFit HEL – WOD: Fight Gone Bad

Those of you who know Fight Gone Bad are probably cringing. Don’t. I had to modify it because my shoulders were still hurting. I had to drop the weight down on everything.

For those of you that don’t know Fight Gone Bad, it goes like this:

3 rounds, 5 minutes each. 1 minute rest between the rounds.

A full round consists of five exercises. You must switch stations on the minute.

The exercises were:

– wall ball shots – modified to 8lb. ball
– sumo deadlift high pull (SDHP) – modified to 45lbs.
– push presses – modified to 22lbs.
– box jumps – modified to box step-ups (that has nothing to do with my shoulder)
– rowing machine (for calories)

At the end of the WOD, you total up all reps (and the rowing calories) for the final score. I came up with 254. A good number, but too bad I wasn’t able to be 100% to get my true score. I did not die, though, even though I was completely gassed.

Friday, Jan. 4th
CrossFit HEL – WOD: Speed/Agility Work

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I had fun with sprints. We ran a star drill (five efforts) and V-drills w/ kettlebell pick-up and burpees thrown in the mix. Essentially, I was faster than expected on most of my efforts, minus the V-drill attempts where I spun in the wrong direction, or didn’t spin at all, or picked up the dumb weight with the wrong hand, etc. Still! I did it. And it felt great. I may not be the fastest sprinter in the world, but it’s definitely much more fun than distance running for me.

After that, we did some more agility work with the WOD. It was an AMRAP 10 consisting of:

20 double-unders or 60 single-unders
vault (mod: just some really ugly straddles over the bar)
15 hand-release push-ups (mod: from the knee)
box overs (mod: stepping up onto the boxes)

5.5 rounds for me.

Not bad considering I still trip over my jump rope multiple times, and boxes and I just don’t get along at this point in time.

Monday, Jan. 7th
CrossFit HEL – WOD: Halfway

Monday was a good CrossFit day for me. We started with back squats as our lift.

3 rounds of 5 reps
Load: 115lbs.
Boom! Started at 35lbs. four months ago.


4 rounds for time of:

12 toes-to-bar (hanging exercise)4 box jumps (24″ step-ups for me)
12 kettlebell swings (scaled to 12kg., although 48 reps at that weight is starting to actually feel light)

Overall time: 7 minutes, 12 seconds

Tuesday, Jan. 8th
Rest day/Mental health day

I’m including Tuesday because I did stop by the gym to get weighed in and measured for the upcoming nutrition challenge. Challenge starts tomorrow. My lunch is going to be kind of sad because I wanted to blog tonight and not cook for tomorrow.

Spent the night hanging out with one of my good friends who just moved to Portland. I am so excite!

Wednesday, Jan. 9th
Hot Yoga for Life

Tonight marked the first time I’ve done hot yoga in about five years. And five years ago, I went once and never went back, even after buying a three-class card. Hated it then; loved it now. It’s a different kind of challenge than many other workouts, but it allowed me to push myself and also re-center. I am much more in-tune with my body now than I was even just a few months ago, so that aided in knowing when I needed to modify and when I needed to take a break to breathe.

It also helped that my friend came with me, and it was her first time at hot yoga.

We plan to go back. Definitely.

Weekly Stats?

(Yeah, it’s time to start posting those, I guess.)

Weight: 137.6lbs. (according to the home scale)
Body fat: 31.5% (according to the home scale)

Current feeling: knees and shoulders could use some love; sleepy but energized

On to the “mostly paleo” diet tomorrow! (I say “mostly” because coffee, dairy, and some alcohol are still OK for the challenge–but I’m being very mindful of this.) Wish me luck.

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