Cheers to the New Year

I told you all I would come up with a theme this weekend by reflecting and processing. I… didn’t really do a good job of that. Instead, I went to a going-away party, watched The Hobbit, and went downtown to view the Seahawks game. I took time to take care of tasks around the house, have good conversations, and reconnect with important people. I broke in new boots and broke in a new book.

But the theme that’s been stewing in my mind is along the lines of “no second-guessing.” That doesn’t mean throwing caution to the wind, but it does mean it’s time to stop doubting my skills and talents.

I can write. So why I haven’t I even drafted a book? (Because I think it’s a disservice to those who actually have writing degrees.)

I can get in shape. So why haven’t I pushed myself as hard as I could? (Because I’m afraid of failure.)

I am funny. So why don’t I just take the chance and sign up for a comedy class? (Because I second-guess which “pathway” in comedy would be best and the money is hard to deal with.)

And etc. and so forth.

And I’m always on the go, looking for the next outlet for growth, so why do I limit myself? (Because I’m afraid of being stretched too thin.)

That’s why 2013 needs to be a more intentional balance of reason and not excuses.

No second-guesses.

Let’s do this.

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