This is Going to Be Brief

It was birthday week in my world, which meant it was time for a shake-up of the normal routine. I spent Saturday and Sunday in Seattle with friends, and I got the chance to take a certain someone to Pike Place for his first experience with the market. We went to the Oriental Mart Kitchenette and had delicious Filipino food. Masarap. We split orders of pork adobo, pancit, and even some salmon sinigang. I spent the remainder of the afternoon full.

The rest of the weekend was comprised of hanging out with my former roommate, a fun night on Capitol Hill, and some good catch-up time with other friends. There was, of course, also a lot of good food: Manhattan, Cupcake Royale, Wild Mountain, Samurai Noodle, etc. So. Good. Maybe not for my waistline, but definitely all sorts of good, quality food. There was no cutting corners throughout my short trip.

Since I posted late last week, the only work-outs I’ve done were brief.

Tuesday, Dec. 4th
Morning yoga at home

I had the chance to sleep in late after my birthday extravaganza on Monday night. Snugs took me to Jake’s Grill downtown, followed by the Passion Pit concert. So, after a night centered on fun, delicious fish, unfortunate workarounds to avoid eggs, and a concert where the headlining band had a case of food poisoning, I wanted to rest. However, I knew I needed to do something. So, a yoga video to start my day was in order.

I did a Google search for morning yoga videos and found a site I hadn’t seen before. It was some kind of “My Name” Method website. I wasn’t suuuuuper impressed because I almost feel like the site is this person’s own ego boost. She’s a self-proclaimed “super bendy!” person, and there are photos of her looking super-skinny, picking out produce and essentially being better than me. It’s definitely a site that just puts out high-end vibes; I can’t really relate to the feel that’s exuded. Homegirl studied at Harvard, wanted to be an Olympic gymnast, auditioned for Madonna in dance, teaches CEOs and celebrities, etc. and so forth. That’s alright, though; it just wasn’t the yoga instructor for me.

Anyway, I did my morning yoga, and it felt good. It was the first thing I did in the morning, so I was a bit stiff and not so bendy. It did set the tone for a good, productive day at work.

Wednesday, Dec. 5th
CrossFit HEL – WOD: Legs Like Oak Trees

First day back since last week! Here’s what went on.

Back Squats: 3 rounds of 3 reps
My working load was 95lbs. So close to reaching 100lbs.!


5 rounds “For Reps” of:
Max reps: Back Squats (I used a 65lb. load for this portion)
5 Burpee Box Jumps – max height (I used a 21″ box for step-ups)
1 min rest

I moved fairly quickly and focused on form in my squats, as well as keeping some power through the burpees. My reps for the back squats ended up at 55 reps, 10 reps for the first four rounds and then a final push to 15 reps in the fifth round.

After the WOD, I came home, cooked up some chicken and squash in the oven. While that was cooking, I set up my dining set. Booyah.

And now… I snooze.


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