Envision Everything

The thing about my life right now is that it’s happier and stabler than it has been in quite some time. Friday, I posed some “new pro” questions that I’ve been pondering for awhile, and I’m glad that I have garnered some support, especially in terms of justifying personal time and focus.

One of the things I have been doing is working on my health and fitness. I joined a CrossFit gym (if you hadn’t noticed), and I find it refreshing that I’m not being inundated with culty messages like I’ve seen in many a simple Google search for CrossFit. What matters to me is feeling as if I am part of a team, and that it is a team that wants me to grow and hit those milestones at my own pace.

I finally read the Vision and Mission Statement for my gym the other day. Everything written resonated with what I’d learned to practice as a student affairs graduate student, although this time, it was about fitness and not my chosen profession. Take a look. Does anything sound familiar?


Provide a physical training facility in which individuals are without fear, without ego, and come together to form a community of confidence and compassion.

Turn weakness into strength, train for chaos, and generally physically prepare for anything, anywhere, at anytime.


To evolve the individual, physically and mentally, and infuse them with discipline, awareness, and humility so that they personify the highest ideals of integrity, strength, and courage and stand as equals in a family of fearless individuals (About CrossFit HEL, 2012).”

Maybe that’s why this gym fits. Maybe that’s why I can challenge myself to try new skills, and even if I’m not that great at those skills, I have done something new and I know where to go next. What I learned as a graduate student is not relegated to just the world of student affairs or employment. If I am mindful in applying my life lessons learned within or outside the SA world, I will do great things.

The questions I asked on Friday to seasoned professionals and the questions I’ll ask during a new workout both function in similar ways. I’m looking for direction. I’m looking for support. And–I’m looking for a voice to say, “Try this.”

So, I will do the least I can do. I will listen. And I will learn.

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