Somewhere in the Middle

Thursday, Oct. 25th
CrossFit – WOD: Under Fire

Overhead Squats
​3-2-2 – Moved up to 45lbs. for my repetitions of two. Overhead squats are very difficult for me given that my core is weak, my flexibility for squats is still developing, and there is a major balance piece in which I lean to the left instead of over both heels. It’s taking a lot of work.


​7 Wall Ball Shots (20/14) – I used the 12lb. medicine ball
​7 Burpees
​1 Rope/Rope Ladder Ascent

I was not feeling very well this night, so I was really hoping I could get through at least two rounds. Luckily, I surprised myself and got through five full rounds, plus wall ball shots and burpees. Not bad for being Cramps McGee.

Friday, Oct. 26th
CrossFit – WOD: Christine

Friday workouts are intimidating, usually because attendance is much lower. I was one of three people in my workout this particular night, and I was the only woman. By no means am I elite. Regardless, this is how that workout went:

Shoulder Press
​Every Minute On the Minute (10 minutes total)
​5 Presses – 40lbs. the entire time, which is great when you’re not using your legs at all.


​3 rounds “For Time” of:
​500m Row
​12 Deadlifts (prescribed weight: body weight)
​21 Box Jumps (20 inch box)

I used a 95lb. deadlift; I weigh 135lbs. currently. Still no box jumps, but I modified to step-ups. Still super difficult. I finished in 15 minutes and 26 seconds. The men in my workout finished in sub-12 minute time. My rows were slower but steady, and I maintained great breathing throughout. I sprinted through my last box step-ups, and I used the tactic of breaking my deadlifts into 3 sets of 4. I was aching the rest of the weekend, and it did not help that I had a party on Friday AND Saturday to attend to.

Monday, Oct. 29th
CrossFit – WOD: Posted

This workout personally sucked for me. I was saddled with moves at which I am terrible, and I was super exhausted from the weekend. I have been trying to be better about my nutrition, but it’s hard in social settings to adhere. In fact, as I write this, I know I will need to hit the gym extra hard (and the fitness center at my hotel in the meantime) to avoid being killed next week at CrossFit.

Anyway, here’s what went down:

P1: 5 Heavy Front Squats – And for me, with 25 total reps, I scaled to only 40lbs. Tiny, I know.
P2: Max Double Unders – Single-unders. 489 of them, though.
5R, EMOM alternating with your partner.


3R of:
300m Run
10 Overhead Squats – only 35lbs. here because of the 30 reps.
5 Muscle-ups – modification: 2 pull-ups and 2 ring dips for every 1 muscle-up, so 10 and 10. Modified with a resistance band and jumping ring dips. Talk about feeling uncoordinated and weak.

Granted, the workout was set to take 15 minutes and even with feeling poopy, I finished in 11 min., 57 secs. Any workout with a run will be hard for me, even though I am not as slow as I like to believe, especially in short distances. It is just difficult to maintain my breath and endurance at this point. I am getting better, that’s for sure. Overhead squats, again, are so hard for me. My form was completely off my first round, and same goes for my pull-ups and ring dips. By the second round, I was getting into my element. When Round 3 finally came around, I was finally feeling like I had the motions right. I could have used another round minus the run to feel good about my form. Oh well.

I hope I make it to the fitness center at my hotel (conference scheduling, yo) this week. I have at least four days blocked out for CrossFit next week. While it is frustrating not to move up in the amount of weight I can lift, I have to keep remembering that I am working through old injuries and a very minimal strength level. It is so much more important for me to get my form and movements right at this point to avoid more injuries. I’ll get there, just maybe a bit slower than my peers.

Like I say to my students… everyone has to start somewhere.

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