Adventures in CrossFit. And life.

Thursday, Oct. 18th
CrossFit – WOD: Gills and Fins

Oh. I thought Random was bad from Monday.

There was this on Thursday:
​3-2-1-1-1 with increasing weight
I made it to 70lbs. for my first single rep. And then I got stuck and had to scale back to 65lbs, but hey, not bad. I pushed it.

And then that was followed by:

3 rounds for time of:
​15 Thrusters + 510m Run

​Round 1: Olympic Barbell (45lbs.)
​Round 2: Dumbbells (prescribed weight was 25lbs. in each hand)
​Round 3: Back to the barbell

Final time? 13 minutes, 16 seconds.

I was so.close to doing this work-out at prescribed weight, but my body failed in Round 2. I got to the dumbbells, lifted the two 25lb. beasts up, and could not even get to a 90-degree angle above my head. I lost some time struggling under one of the dumbbells (I made the mistake of trying to reset), so Coach ran over and grabbed two 15lb. dumbbells. That worked much better.

The running part was not my favorite, but really, no running part will ever be my favorite. Between each round of weights, we had to take a lap around the block. We usually run one during the warm-up portion of life, so I ended up running about a mile tonight (yay). My second lap was rough, too, thanks to my asthma. I’m still in denial that I even have to deal with this, since it was roughly 19 years that I went without problems (it came back in 2009 and was OK until I got sick this summer). Like I said on Facebook, I’m not sure what if I felt during the second lap was a work-out “high” or just oxygen starvation.

What I do know is that I pushed it, my muscles were exhausted, and I still gave my verbal consent to show up the next night. Sigh.

Friday, Oct. 19th
CrossFit – Partner WOD
Friday’s workout was not too terribly bad.

…ha! Not only did I have to get through the workout myself, I was accountable to a teammate. I apologized at the beginning.

All the following for [collective] reps and [individual] time:
Buy-in (the opening exercise): 100 Air Squats
​Followed by 10 rounds each of:
​P1: Shuttle Run + Rope Ascent/Rope Ladder Climb
​P2: Max Ring Dips
​Buy-out: 100 Double-Unders (or 3x single-unders)

Together, my partner and I did 266 ring dips (modified in my case). My time was 30 min., 57 seconds. I got hung up on my single-unders, but hey, I finished it.

Apparently, this was from the rope ladder.

Monday, Oct. 22nd
CrossFit – WOD: Tabata Whatever
10 minutes of:
​Pull-up instruction with coach. Learned the basics of what I need to do to get into kipping pull-ups on my own. I have “officially” graduated from jumping/box pull-ups to using the band in all situations.

then we did a Tabata workout as follows:
Tabata Sit-ups – 8 intervals
​​Tabata Kettlebell Swings – 8 intervals
​​Tabata Push-ups – 8 intervals
​​Tabata Squats – 8 intervals

Intervals were 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off. I used the 12kg. KB. It was not hard to figure out where my workout spot was–it was the area of the floor covered in sweat droplets. Hooray! I’m disgusting!

I felt good, and I planned on going back the next day. However, Tuesday rolled around, and some “well-being” emergencies arose that I had to attend to. So, I scooted my “7PM – HEL” Google Calendar appointment out to today.

Unfortunately, I woke up in the middle of the night with must have been both a migraine and a major sinus “attack.” I’ve been weak and nauseated all day, so the gym’s not looking so good. Aiming to be back to 100% for tomorrow and Friday, and then I’ll have to hit it hard on Monday since I’m leaving for a conference midweek.

Send me some healing vibes.

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