One More Week Down

Not the greatest week in fitness/wellness. I spent all weekend eating junk food, and Tuesday night, I spent doing absolutely nothing due to feeling completely ill upon returning home from work. It almost felt as if I had eaten eggs, but the only culprit would have been macaroni salad at approximately 1PM–no suitable reason to start feeling sick more than four hours later.

Oh well, here we go.

Wednesday, Oct. 10th
CrossFit – WOD: Lynne
​5 rounds not-for-time of:
​Max rep Bench Press  (in my case, 55lbs.)
​Max reps Pull-ups (in this case, modified with a resistance band)
​7-minute rounds

This work-out wasn’t too bad. It did, again, remind me that I am severely lacking in upper-body strength. However, I got through it, and my form stayed fine throughout.

Monday, Oct. 15th
CrossFit – WOD: Random
Every Minute On the Minute for 12 minutes (EMOM12) of:
​2 Back Squats (RX was 90% of max. weight, and since back squats kill my shoulders [internal rotation, gosh darn it], I elected the tiny weight of 60lbs.)


EMOM15 of a random selection of the following sets:
6 Burpee/Pull-ups
6 Burpee/Box Jumps
6 Buddy Burpees

For. The. Love. Of. All. That. Is. HOLY.

We drew playing cards to code ourselves for the different rounds. I kept pulling the ones associated with pull-ups, and that was a nightmare, primarily because I had to scramble off the floor, onto a box, do a pull-up, and then not fall off the box on the way down.

Additionally, I would like to know where my hops have gone. I have no vertical leap, and for “Buddy Burpees,” there was little chance of a lateral hop sideways over a bench. I tested out my jump height before the work-out, standing off to the end of the bench and going through the full jumping motion. I could tell my toes were already dragging, even while I was fresh; knowing myself, that would have resulted in a lot of catching myself on the obstacle and falling–not conducive to a good work-out.

Luckily, Coach Kevin is fantastically understanding of my cruddy current state, so I had some modifications in place to help with the safety aspect: box step-ups instead of jumps, and bench step-overs.

I keep wondering if I should have just done pas de chat leaps over. Ha.

The last two work-outs haven’t really been my best. Like I tell my pre-college math students, though, “Everyone has to start somewhere!” I’ll keep looking for the positives.

Mental Wellness?
In mental and spiritual wellness, I took some time to clean my room on Sunday, as well as start drafting a spreadsheet of dream doctoral programs. Three out of the four schools listed are not in this country. I want that to happen, but it will be quite some time to get the necessary pieces in place. Here’s to the details…

Also, with the shift in weather, I am finding a greater need to leave my lamps on longer. I can’t quite bring myself to splurge on a SAD lamp yet, so for now, five or six 40 watt bulbs on at once will have to do.

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