Wednesday Nutshell

Monday, Sept. 24th
CrossFit – Hope
Follow the link, and you can see my baby workout compared to everyone else. I made it through, though.

Wednesday, Sept. 26th
CrossFit – Sleeping Dragon
Again, made it through. Graduated to the 45lb. bar for the press part of today. 10lb. medicine ball for wall-ball throws wasn’t too bad, either. Out of three women, only one used the prescribed 14lb. ball. I’m getting there. It’s intimidating coming into a new environment to practice skills that are either very much out of practice or very much new to me, but the cross-training piece of the work-outs is very good for someone like me that easily tires of routine. Hopefully, I can keep this up.

I took last night off to re-balance, which was good and much-needed. Otherwise, today would have been rough. Besides today being just generally busy, I got yelled at while working the “quick questions” station for something that had nothing to do with me nor my control. My “fight or flight” reaction is really hard to deal with, especially when neither is acceptable! So, I turned bright red and felt my heart racing, and managed to pull it together enough to get the student the help he needed. (I even garnered an apology, to which I said, “Don’t even worry about it! I spent an hour on the phone with my internet company yesterday, so I definitely can relate.” And gave him my almost-famous smile because I really, really meant it. I hate Century Link right now.)

Then tonight, I got to hit a punching bag and tire myself out. I think it helped dissipate any additional adrenaline.

I feel pretty good right now. I even got to watch the HIMYM season 8 premiere finally, so I’m quite happy. Muscles are tired, eyes are heavy, and it’s definitely time for bed.

So, goodnight, readers. Hope your week wraps up nicely.

One thought on “Wednesday Nutshell

  1. talktous says:


    I apologize for any frustration you have experienced with CenturyLink and would like to help resolve any issues you are having.
    Please send account information & reference to this blog so we may identify you properly.

    CenturyLink Help Team

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