So This Nerd Walks Into a Gym…

I did it, I did it! I’ve worked out (in varying forms) for three days in a row. I knew I’d be busy Thursday and Friday, so I got in several work-outs while still balancing a social life.

Monday, Sept. 17th
Cardio Yoga – 20 minutes
I got an invite to join my roommate to take out our other new roommate, who happens to be straight from Germany. I didn’t want to say, “No, I’m going to the gym,” so I found a 20-minute work-out video on Hulu. I wanted something a bit more than just yoga, but nothing too high-impact. Cardio yoga sounded like a good in-between. Well, turns out, it was actually pretty challenging, and I ended up sweating into my own eyes in my own house. I cleaned up real nicely afterwards, though, and was still about to enjoy my [unhealthy] dinner.

Tuesday, Sept. 18th
At-home sit-ups and “kettleball” swings, plus stretches – 15ish minutes
What do you call those sit-up work-outs when you extend your legs out straight? Not V-ups… whatever. I did a bunch of those. And then instead of kettleball swings, since I don’t own my own, I just picked up two of my heaviest grad school textbooks and used those. Not even kidding. I just found a great usage for textbooks. I should get paid. And then I cooked dinner, played some piano, and booked my momma a flight home to the Philippines for next month.

Wednesday, Sept. 19th
CrossFit – Warm-ups, forward rolls, and WOD: “The Chief” – 1 hour total
Finally made it back in to the local box. The coach at this particular box is fantastic, and the team members are fairly easy-going. Now, I’m no strength trainer. Never have been. The prescribed weight for today’s Workout of the Day (WOD) was 95 lbs. for females during hang power cleans. Guess what I used? A 35-pound bar. And that was still difficult. It’s okay, though. Weights are something that I have always avoided. That said, I got through the work-out. It broke down to this: one round consists of 3 hang power cleans, 6 push-ups with hand release, and 9 squats; there were 5 segments at 3 minutes each; in those 3 minutes, you would complete as many rounds as possible. I got through 3 rounds each time, grand total of 15 rounds. Which at baby weight and slow-ish pace isn’t all that impressive, but it’s impressive for a chronically-injured ex-dancer… with asthma.

Yeah, I busted out the inhaler today. Cool, right?
Again, it’s okay. I’m making progress towards wellness and trying to get back in the routine of challenging myself.

Also, I wasn’t the worst at forward rolls, even though they were over only one shoulder and basically I had to quickly unlearn what took me so long to learn in forward rolls/somersaults.

Now, as I enjoy my lemon ginger tea, I look forward to a work day full of last-minute pre-Fall Quarter panic, a group dinner and game night, an Advising get-together on Friday, and a weekend spent in Seattle. Phew.

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