I finally felt good enough to work out again!

So, here’s what I managed to do:

Thursday: Visited CrossFit Stumptown on Filthy Fifties day. Partook in a modified work-out and did 25 reps of everything at modified weights. I was still wrecked for the next two days.

Monday: 40 minutes of yoga. I found an intermediate flow sequence on Yoga Journal. It was a bit of a task, given that it was a more intense level than I normal seek out, and I was still really sore from CrossFit. Tired, tired, tired muscles afterwards.

Tuesday: Walking, jogging, and sprinting. I found a nearby track to modify my own solo work-out (based on CrossFit HEL’s WOD). Sprinted for an overall total of about 500m, with jogging and walking mixed in. Didn’t really keep track of the in-between distances, but I know it worked out to quite a few laps. Legs are definitely sore, but I pushed an appropriate amount and didn’t injure myself (at least, I don’t think I did).

Also, I contacted my landlord regarding the possibility of dealing with mold. My cough and sinuses are still acting up, so we’re going to do some deep cleaning of the window sills and I’m going to dig up the dehumidifier downstairs to see if it makes a difference. Oh joy!

Coming up tonight: helping Snugz clean his apartment for his new roommate. Huzzah! I will be useful and maybe lift things with my developing muscles.

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