Guess Who’s Back, Back Again?

It was a busy week, that’s for sure. I blame Snugz for the lack of blog posts; every time I’m supposed to have free time after work, I find myself spending time with him. I’m not complaining, but sheesh, I’m so sorry, little blog.

I haven’t been 100% well all summer, dealing with some sinus and cough issues. I had a bit of a bad time the last few weeks, with my symptoms acting up and the subsequent meds being mean to my insides. I ended up having to take two days off from work, one to rest and get to the doctor, and the other because I was so miserable from the medicine I was on. While I am not feeling nearly as bad now, it’s still worrisome that this cough hasn’t cleared up. Not sure what a chest X-ray will show, but it could be happening soon. Le sigh.

However, even with a lingering sickness, I have still been productive in some ways. I took some time off to rest, so I am getting back to working out (hopefully more on that on Wednesday). I am getting through this round of peak advising currently, doing what I can to help my students out. It’s not always easy, and sometimes I don’t know the answers, but I do what I can to figure out the answers. We are heading into the last few New Student Orientation sessions, and while those presentations can be repetitive, I love when a student leaves and says, “You’ve been so helpful! Thank you!”

I turned in another conference session proposal over the last week, too. That definitely took up some time. Even so, it was nice to challenge myself to write in my academic voice, compile references, and generally edit a proposal about a topic I care about. Whether or not it is accepted, I do know it’s a step in the right direction, as this proposal was much more in-depth and detailed than any other proposal I’ve put together in the past.

And with that, I think I have exhausted my Monday return. We’ll see how this week pans out. Time to practice some deliberate balance, am I right?

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