“Yoga means ‘union.'”

I’ve been a busy bee, hence the lack of posts on my designated Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule. With that, let’s use Just-for-Fun Friday to play catch-up!

Just-for-Fun Friday (JfFF) – August 17th, 2012
On the 17th, I drove back to Wenatchee, WA by myself during the hottest stretch of summer. It was 106 degrees by the time I stopped in The Dalles, OR for dinner–at 6PM. I definitely wore only a bikini for a decent portion of the drive.

Mindful Monday (MM) – August 20th, 2012
A much-needed trip to Chelan with two of my closest friends was in order over the weekend. We took a day-trip to the sunny recreational town, spending some time at Vin du Lac, a wonderful local winery, and Don Morse Park, the go-to lakeside park. We swam and took in the sunshine, and we capped the trip by stopping off at Lakeview Drive-In.

Lakeview Drive-In sits on a prime piece of property, enticing hungry tourists (or at least those who can pretend they’re hungry enough to fit in some classic diner food) to stop by. McDonald’s has tried to buy out the location in previous years, and each time, there’s push-back, with locals and tourists standing up for this reminder of years gone by.

I hope that someday, I’ll take my family to Chelan, to show them where I lived for the first few years of my life. I’ll take them to the lake, and we’ll order popcorn shrimp baskets (and often be told, “Sorry, we’re sold out of shrimp for the day) from Lakeview, and we’ll sit in the sun for an afternoon. Although things change and people grow, there is always room to slow down and take in the simpler things.

Wellness Wednesday (WW) – August 22, 2012
It hasn’t been a great week for work-outs. I only got a run in on Saturday morning and an hour-long yoga session on Tuesday. I still managed to eat fairly well, however, even factoring in the burgers and diner food I took in over the weekend.

On my Sunday drive home, I stopped by a produce stand in Yakima. I came away with two full bags of produce, all for the whopping total of $4.92. All week, I’ve been enjoying fresh cucumbers, nectarines, peppers, and garlic. I have green beans and tomatoes that need to be eaten, too. It’s been nice having meals focused around these fresh items. I’ll learn how to cook them better in time, but the freshness has been a treat.

I plan to be more intentional about vising the local farmers’ markets. Knowing that I can save a little by reducing the impact of the middle-man and knowing that I am helping local farmers and producers is key to my mindset. So far, shopping at big grocery stores for local products has just been painful for my already-tiny budget; I’ll need to pay closer attention to what’s in season and when markets are running, but I have a feeling there will be great pay-off in doing so.

Interlude – August 23rd, 2012
I felt pretty run-down and cranky during the day on Wednesday, which should have been a sign that I needed a day of rest.

And so, on Thursday, after waking up exhausted, with a sinus headache, and nearly putting my dirty dishes in the fridge, I decided to go back to the doctor to see what was going on. I’ve been sick for about two months now with sinus pain and congestion, as well as a wheezing, hacking cough that doesn’t get worse and doesn’t get better.

After listening to my lungs and taking a look at my ears and throat, the doctor told me what I have is probably a complication of asthma and allergies working against me. She does want me to get on some kind of allergy medication that isn’t an antihistamine, as well as go in for a chest X-ray to make sure things aren’t actually much worse than she suspects. I’ll get the meds tomorrow, but I want to hold off on the X-ray for a few days, in case things magically improve.

In other news, I’ve spent most of the day asleep. I can tell I’m ill when, even in sleeping away my day, I’m still tired at 9 or 10PM. Oh, to be well again… (and it’d be superb to be 100% before my students’ kids go back to school and pass on their germs and viruses to their parents, who will then do so to me…)

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